10 Things to Look For In an SUV Air Mattress

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An SUV air mattress is simply inflatable bed can be laid in the back of your Sports Utility Vehicle to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

When you are out reconnecting with nature at a campsite, or away on a road trip, getting your bedding in order is extremely important.

Many of us are used to sleeping in tents and sleeping bags while away from home. But what if you were told that your SUV can be transformed into a more comfy sleeping unit?

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Well, experienced campers are taking advantage of the advent of inflatable mattresses to transform how they sleep.

One thing is for sure, transforming your SUV into a sleeping unit beats a traditional tent or sleeping bag any day.

Advantages of Sleeping On SUV Mattresses

There are lots of advantages of sleeping in your vehicle instead of a traditional tent. Let’s take a look at a few of those.

Easy to Setup

puppy lying on airbed

Setting up a tent can be very cumbersome and frustrating for many people. In fact, this reason alone can make camping a huge turn-off for lots of people.

There are so many would-be campers who frankly stay at home just because they are in no mood to setup tents.

Transporting parts of your tent to the campsite can be a very cumbersome process that nobody loves.

There are so many parts that you could easily leave one at home. They are also quite heavy to carry and could require multiple trips from your campsite to your car.

Tents become even more of a problem when you find yourself camping alone. With many of them designed to be setup by at least two people, how do you find a third party to help when camping solo in the middle of nowhere?

Fortunately, SUV airbeds eliminate the need to set up camping tents. They are easy to configure in your car and do not require additional hands.

How cool is that?

SUVs Are More Comfortable

woman lying on SUV air mattress

The level of comfort you get from setting up your mattress and sleeping in your SUV beats anything available when you are camping in the woods.

During colder periods when temperatures nosedive in the night, sleeping in your car can be a good way to stay warm.

If you have ever gone winter camping, you’d want all the warmth that comes with spending the night in an SUV.

How to Find the Best SUV Inflatable Mattress

There are two options for you when looking for an SUV air bed. Option 1 is to choose any inflatable mattress you like that fits the back seat area of your vehicle.

The second, more thoughtful option is to go for a specialized SUV air mattress. These are airbeds specifically designed for sleeping in your vehicle. They are more likely to fit in the back of your car and give you more comfort than generic models.

#1. Construction Materials

The type of material used in the manufacture of your SUV inflatable mattress is extremely important. While there are hundreds of these out there in the market, we have noticed that the top quality ones are made from rubber, nylon, and PVC.

What makes these materials stand out is their quality composition which ensures enough strength for outdoor use.

Punctures should be your number one enemy while out there camping and the good news is that these materials are resistant to it.

They also come with sound waterproof qualities and minimize air loss from your mattress. Such features guarantee that you don’t wake up on a flat bed in the morning.

In recent times, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is becoming popular in the construction of vehicle air mattresses. This material is not as heavy as PVC and comes with the advantage of containing no phthalates.

A top cover of some sort is necessary to get the best sleeping experience from any of these air mattresses. Most of the materials stated above tend to have some slippery properties so keep that in mind.

For the best experience, you should choose a mattress with a flocked top or memory foam top material.

Once you get the construction material spot-on, the next thing to look out for is the built-in features.

#2. Features

Ok so what features should you look out for in your quest to find the best SUV air mattress? Let’s dive right into them. Are you remotely excited about it? We know we are!

#3. Inflation and Deflation

An SUV air mattress is all about convenience and getting the best sleeping experience. We presume that you don’t have time to waste just like everyone else. This is why it is vital that you choose a model that is easy to inflate.

It should take no more than 2-3 minutes to inflate it fully to your desired degree of firmness. Period!

Deflation for storage should even be quicker.

#4. Built-In Pump

SUV inflatable mattress

We love blowup beds with internal pumps thanks to all the convenience they bring to the party. While you may not have an electrical outlet to plug in, they are usually designed to be compatible with 12V car pumps.

If you think you are going to easily blow one of these up with a bicycle pump, you’ve got another think coming.

You should always choose models that save you a lot of headaches down the line. Ideally, you will want to connect a 12V pump with your car to blow air in and out.

If you don’t have a car pump, a manual-operated one could do the trick too. It will just require a little more hard work. Just make sure you find one compatible with your mattress and you are good to go.

#5. Plush Top Mattresses

Would you like to sleep on a mattress that makes squeaking noises every time you turn? Or you’d prefer a model featuring a super comfortable plush top that gives you a great night’s sleep?

This is a no-brainer. Please choose a unit finished with luxurious top material for absolute comfort while enjoying what nature has to offer.

#6. Inflatable Air Chambers

It is important to opt for a mattress that comes with a large number of inflatable air chambers. These models tend to offer the highest levels of luxury and weight support.

The good news is that manufacturers openly state the number of air chambers so your search shouldn’t be impossible.

#7. Size

Size is extremely important during your search for inflatable SUV mattresses. There’s no point ordering the best mattress in the world if it is too large to fit into your car. Verify in advance the dimensions when fully blown up so you don’t end up making a mistake.

#8. Transportation and Storage

SUV ready to pack a mattress

These mattresses are not built for indoor use meaning you will be moving around with them a lot. It is always a great idea to choose one that is easy to transport and store.

#9. Air Leakage

Choosing a mattress that leaks air could be your worst nightmare. Make sure any model you choose has the ability to hold air for considerable periods.

#10. Warranty and Returns Policy

There are times when things go wrong especially during manufacturing. Choosing a mattress with zero warranty and No Returns Policy is a big no-no. What happens if you end up with a defective product?

The Verdict

Hopefully you have now seen the benefits of sleeping in the back of your vehicle over a regular tent. Once you start experiencing the magic of sleeping on your SUV air mattress, there’s no turning back.

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