Air Mattress in Store vs Online – Which is the Best?

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Purchasing an air mattress in store is still very popular among consumers. Even with the popularity of internet shopping, a huge percentage of consumers are choosing to shop in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Where you decide to shop will depend on your personal preferences and circumstances.

So which option is the best? What are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing an airbed in store vs online?

The truth is both options have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to weigh what each brings to the table and decide the most favorable buying platform for you.

Buying Air Mattress In Store

You can easily walk into your local Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or any other store to pick up an airbed whenever you need one. Lots of consumers choose this option every year over buying online.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying in-store.


There are numerous advantages to buying your inflatable mattress in a store. A few of them include:

Feel it before Buying

customer sleeping on an air mattress in store
This is one of the main reasons why lots of people prefer purchasing all types of mattresses in store. You get to lie on different models and get a feel for yourself as to how comfortable it is.

No need to look at dimensions and size charts because you can instantly decide whether a mattress is big and tall enough for you or not.

Proper support and comfort are some of the most important things to look for when buying an air mattress. Lying on it personally allows you to gauge whether it’s a good fit before making a buying decision.

Negotiate Prices

If you consider yourself a tough negotiator then buying your inflatable mattress in store could be a great decision. You come face to face with salespeople who will be more likely to negotiate prices with you.

Most stores have a Price Match or Price Beat guarantee which can be taken advantage of. Just conduct a little research online or in other stores and use the info you have to get great deals in your favorite mattress store.

Immediate Help from Customer Service

With customer service staff and salespeople all over the store, help is never far away when you need it. Not sure the dimensions of a particular mattress? Want to know the material used to build a particular model? Just call a customer service person to ask any questions.

Buying in store also helps you get clarification on the sometimes vague warranties that come with some air mattresses.

Take Your Mattress Home Instantly

picture of inflatable mattress
Buying an air mattress in store allows you to take it home as soon as you settle on the right model. Unlike purchasing on the internet that takes days to ship, you can literally take your mattress home in a minute.

This comes in very handy when you decide on an instant road trip or you have family coming over at a moment’s notice.

Disadvantages of Buying In Store

Buying an air mattress in store has its own disadvantages. Let’s identify and explore a few of them.

Intimidating Experience

Walking into a store with the intention of buying an inflatable mattress can be an overwhelming experience. Most stores have a huge inventory of different models and sizes.

Choosing the right model can therefore be quite intimidating. With salespeople circling over you like predators in their bid to get you into buying one at all costs, it can be quite uncomfortable.

You could easily end up buying the wrong one with the numerous factors stack against you.

Salespersons Could Try to Rip You Off

Most salespeople try to get you to pay more than the actual cost of your favorite air mattress. They are trained to get the best out of consumers that walk into the store so you could inexplicably end up getting ripped off.

Also, keep in mind that brick and mortar stores have higher overhead costs. This means they are forced to price their products slightly higher in order to stay profitable.

Buying Air Mattress Online

Online shopping has exploded within the last one and a half decades. From computers to inflatable mattresses, everyone is heading to and other online retailer giants to shop.

Advantages of Buying Online

Buying your air mattress online comes with some impressive benefits when compared to doing it in-store. Here are a few of these advantages.


Convenience is the number one reason why many consumers purchase air mattresses and other items online. You can literally switch on your computer or Smartphone and purchase your preferred model within 5 minutes.

The fact that you can shop for your favorite airbed no matter where you are is a huge advantage.

Many of us are living ultra busy lives thanks to the demands of the 21st century.

This means driving into a shop 2 miles away to pick up a mattress may not always be feasible.

Research with Ease

Shopping for an air mattress online allows you to conduct extensive research in order to make a great buying decision. Shopping in store makes you reliant on the words of salespersons, which can’t be trusted all the time.

Retailers such as Amazon allow consumers to leave unbiased reviews on every item sold. You can decide within minutes whether a particular model can be a good fit for your needs just by reading a few reviews.

Shopping online also allows you to go through lots of different models within a short period of time. This gives you the freedom to extensively weigh your options so you can end up with the right model.

Great Prices

With the huge price wars going on between online retailers, shopping on the internet has never been cheaper. These retailers know that a rival store is only a click away so this forces them to give you the best prices possible.

You can therefore purchase your favorite inflatable mattress at a great price when you choose online stores.


Shopping for an airbed online doesn’t come without its own drawbacks. Here are a few of the reasons why you may decide to look elsewhere.

Dimensions May be Exaggerated

There are times when manufacturers exaggerate the dimensions of their air mattresses. You could purchase an awesome looking model described as a standard queen size only to realize that is smaller after it arrives.

Reliance On Pictures and Reviews from Others

Buying your air mattress online robs you of the ability to lie on the bed and get a feel for yourself before purchasing.

You are forced to make a buying decision based on pictures from manufacturers and reviews from other consumers.

Online retailers have fixed prices for their inventory of mattresses. This means you don’t get the chance to negotiate prices unlike in-store purchases.

The Verdict

The choice of whether to purchase your inflatable airbed online or in-store is a personal one. Each avenue comes with its own drawbacks and benefits.

Just compare them side by side so you can decide the best option for your needs. We wish you a happy buying.

Universally, the smartest way to get the best deals on mattress is to shop online. However, shopping offline gives

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