7 Best Aerobed Air Mattress Models Available Now

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Getting an Aerobed air mattress is one of the smartest decisions anyone could make when shopping for an airbed.

Noted for its elegant designs, Aero integrates top quality materials and innovative construction methods in its mattress product range.

You should definitely consider one of Aerobed’s models if you are looking for a quality unit that will last an extensive period of time.

They are also carefully manufactured to give impressive levels of luxury that guarantees that even the most restless sleepers find their strides while lying on these mattresses.

Best Aerobed Air Beds : Quick Comparison

Best 7 Aerobed Air Mattress Models

These 7 models are the top-rated from the Aerobed brand available for sale today. These units deliver the best bang for your buck so take your time to analyze what each one has to offer and choose appropriately.

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

AeroBed Mattress for Kids is the best Coleman airbed for children

Whether you are taking your children for a sleepover at your parents’ or have kids coming over to your home, the importance of getting the right mattress cannot be overemphasized.

The AeroBed Mattress for Kids gives children that luxurious sleeping surface for comfort all night long. Unlike other generic models on the market, it is specially manufactured with kids in mind to enjoy a cozy night every time.

This model is constructed from strong PVC material optimized with electronically welded beams to achieve two main things. Firstly, it feels super cool on kids’ bodies and helps them sleep for longer hours and still wake up feeling fresh.

Secondly, we all know how naughty toddlers can be and the fact that punching holes into their inflatable beds is not beyond them.

This innovative design guarantees durability so the mattress can be used extensively for a long period of time without leaks.

With the high incidence of children falling from their beds, Aerobed has specially put in place the necessary prevention measures. The mattress is endowed with a high-surround cushion measuring 4 inches to keep kids on the bed throughout the night.

It also comes with a pump that completely blows it up in less than a minute. Deflation for storage or travel takes less than 15 seconds.

How cool is that?


  • Ships with a comfortable moon and star designed mattress pad for keeping your child warm
  • Heavy-duty PVC material construction with electronically welded beams gives durability and comfort
  • sleeping surface measures 50 by 25 inches so your kid can stretch out comfortably
  • Comes with AC pump that blows air in and out of the bed within a couple of seconds


  • Mattress is suitable for kids only and not teenagers

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AeroBed Classic Air Mattress - Twin

AeroBed Classic is one of the best Coleman Air Mattress

The Aerobed Classic Air Mattress gives you an awesome sleeping solution at home or in the outdoors. This model comes in a super attractive finish that is very eye catching for consumers from all backgrounds.

The manufacturer knows that a terrible sleeping surface can make camping trips regretful for many of us. This is why everything has been put in place to ensure you sleep as comfortable as possible while away from your home.

This mattress comes with oval coil construction which gives greater support to your bed. Whether you prefer lying on your back, side, or tummy, a fantastic level of support is always guaranteed.

The surface area is manufactured from flocked fleece material which is renowned for being extremely smooth on the skin. If you have had terrible experiences with airbeds in the past, this model could restore your faith in them.

The body is constructed from strong PVC material of heavy-gauge and resistant to various forms of punctures.

You get to choose from either the twin or queen size models depending on your budget and size needs.

The storage bag that comes with this air mattress makes transport and storage hassle-free.


  • Freedom to choose between the twin and queen sized models depending on your size and budget requirements
  • Heavy-gauge PVC material construction with leak-resistant material to ensure comfortable sleeping throughout the night
  • Comes with a pump that quickly inflates and deflates your inflatable mattress within a few minutes
  • Automatic pump guarantees hands-free inflation and deflation
  • Storage bag for handy traveling and storage when you don’t need to use your mattress
  • Eye-catching design and colors


  • Less than stellar customer support from Aerobed

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AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18" Air Mattress with Headboard Design

can you see the features of the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18-inch Air Mattress with Headboard Design

When you have guests coming over, comfortable bedding is one of the best ways to ensure they are fully welcome.

The Aerobed Comfort Anywhere Mattress is one of the most luxurious inflatable mattresses money can buy. It comes packed with a wide range of features to ensure your guests feel like they are sleeping on their own beds at home.

Airbeds that take forever to blow up and deflate are a huge pain in the ass. Luckily, this mattress from Aerobed can be swiftly setup within just minutes. Even if your guests have already arrived, you can quickly dash into your guest bedroom to set it up.

Thanks to its sturdy build, you can arrange as many slumber parties as you want with your loved ones.

In fact, this model is strong enough to keep going no matter what you throw at it.

It is devoid of material defects common in rival products so you can buy with confidence. This is due to the extensive testing conducted by the manufacturer before every single unit leaves the factory.

Thinking about going away for the weekend? The Aerobed Anywhere Mattress can be the best companion for your weekend getaways with your partner.

It packs an endless sea of materials to give flawless performance on the road.

The built-in pump means you will never have to worry about forgetting to take your pump with you on the go.


  • Luxurious sleeping surface for you or your guests
  • Built-in pump gets your bed fully blown up in minutes and ensures you never leave it at home
  • Extensive testing ensures it doesn’t come with defects common in rival products
  • Perfect for slumber parties or weekend getaways


  • Failure to read and practice instructions leads to leakage problems
  • Price tag is quite high for most consumers

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Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump

Aerobed Pakmat indicated here is perfect for camping

If you are a dedicated inflatable mattress owner for whom an exceptional night’s sleep is has always been a mirage, you are not alone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep waiting any longer.

The Aerobed Pakmat Airbed and Pump is uniquely blessed with an innovative design that most rivals are struggling to replicate. Measuring 78 inches by 26 inches (LxW), this inflatable mattress is specially designed for campers who are taller and broader.

It is available in an internal horizon channel design which provides total body support while you sleep. Only external factors can stand between you and a great night’s sleep once you lay your hands on it.

With respect to storage efficiency, no model available for sale at the moment comes close to matching what it has to offer.

The Pakmat can be deflated with ease and stored inside its own pump in an innovative design that has redefined the meaning of hassle-free portability.

This feature also ensures that you never arrive at a campsite to realize that your pump is left at home.

The fact that the built-in pump requires no external power means you can virtually camp anywhere you want.

Even with the pump, the total weight is 4 pounds, which is extremely lightweight for an inflatable bed. So whether you are going canoeing, kayaking, or any outdoor adventure trip, the Aerobed Pakmat should be a top contender.


  • Manufactured from phthalate-free material with reinforced polyester for durability
  • Gets fully inflated in 60 seconds with nothing but manual power
  • Perfect for all your adventure trips because it doesn’t require external power
  • Mattress stores in the manual pump so you never get to the campsite unprepared
  • Mattress weighs only 4 pounds together with the pump when fully deflated


  • Mattress is not insulated so camping in the cold may not be very comfortable
  • A bit narrow for the sleeper who keeps rolling in bed

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AeroBed Premier Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

picture of the AeroBed Premier Air Mattress with Built-In Pump in full swing

The quality of your airbed can be the difference between a deep restful night and a restless one. When shopping, it is important to choose one that will give you a similar sleeping experience to your regular bed.

The AeroBed Premier Air Mattress With Built-In Pump is a top quality queen sized model that is renowned for genuine stress-relieving. If you have esteemed guests on the way or simply don’t want to compromise on luxury, passing up on it could be a huge mistake.

This AeroBed Air mattress packs an incredible 20 inches of thickness when fully blown. It gives you extra comfort to sleep uninterrupted for 7-8 hours every night even if you are the lightest sleeper.

How firm do you want your sleeping surface to be? You get complete control over this thanks to the comfort control wand that comes with this unit. With the simple touch of a button, anyone can easily set it up to meet their preferences in terms of firmness.

It measures 78x60 inches which makes it a perfect fit for standard queen sized bed sheets. These dimensions also make it a suitable option for sleeping two adults comfortably.

In fact, you could even throw in a toddler or two.

The body is manufactured from strong PVC vinyl to withstand extensive usage by multiple people over a long time.


  • Built-in comfort control wand button allows users complete control over their mattress firmness
  • Built-in pump gets the bed quickly inflated and deflated when the need arises
  • Constructed with top quality PVC material with puncture-resistance for extensive use by multiple users
  • 20-inch thick when fully inflated for extra support and comfort wherever you may be


  • 2-inches shy of a queen size if that is an issue for you
  • Bed stretches out within the first few uses before you get a stable sleeping surface

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AeroBed Classic Air Mattress - Queen

the AeroBed Classic Air Mattress - Queen is seen here

A queen sized airbed is perfect for a couple that tosses around a lot because it gives more space. It can also be great for a couple that prefers sharing a bed with a kid or two.

The AeroBed Classic Air Mattress - Queen is an absolutely stunning option if you want a queen sized AeroBed air mattress. When fully inflated, this model measures 78x60x18 inches to give consumers optimum space to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

Nothing can make you roll out in bed more than an air mattress with a hard sleeping surface. This is why Aero has manufactured this model with a flocked sleeping surface to ensure utmost comfort for everyone.

The built-in pump gets your bed fully inflated and deflated within 3 minutes and 15 seconds respectively. It ensures that your bed can be setup without panic even when your guests have already arrived.

The mattress comes with oval coil construction which grants extra support while you sleep.

A cool and comfortable skin while you enjoy a good night’s sleep is here at last!


  • High quality built-in pump ensures quick inflation in 3 minutes so you can easily setup your bed for guests
  • Whoosh valve design ensures super quick deflation within 15 seconds
  • Perfect for everyone including side sleepers and couples who sleep on their backs
  • Fits standard queen sized bed sheets


  • Pump is quite loud when compared to other products on the market
  • Deflating activates the motor

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AeroBed 85421 Commercial Grade Elevated Inflatable Air Bed Mattress - Twin

picture showing the AeroBed 85421 Commercial Grade Elevated Inflatable Air Bed Mattress - Twin

The AeroBed 85421 delivers an awesome sleeping experience for solo adventures. It is suitable for dorm rooms, vacation homes, or anywhere else a portable bed can come in really handy.

When fully inflated, you get a 10-inch elevated bed that gives you similar sleeping experience as a traditional bed. Owners get in and out of this bed with little effort no matter their weight or height.

It is designed with horizontal air chambers that enable ultimate comfort throughout the night.

The whoosh valve design ensures super quick deflation of within just seconds. When you are ready to pack up, this can be extremely time-saving.

The included bag ensures easy travel and storage of your air mattress.


  • Built-in pump ensures quick blow up of your mattress within 3 minutes
  • Whoosh valve design fully deflates mattress within 15 seconds
  • Horizontal air chamber engineering gives sleepers extra comfort while they sleep
  • Elevated 10 inches from the ground when fully inflated


  • Built-in pump makes sounds which can be quite distracting

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The Verdict

Aerobed is one of the most popular inflatable air mattress brands on the market today. Even though airbeds are meant to be temporary, getting one that gives you awesome comfort is always smart.

These are the top 7 Aerobed air mattress brands worth buying right now. Just go through the various models reviewed here and choose one that meets your size and budget needs.

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