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Before embarking on any sort of outdoor adventure trip whether alone or with a couple of friends and family, comfortable sleeping is one of the most important things you can’t afford to gamble on.

Getting the right car air mattress will not only keep you safe from harsh weather and unfriendly creatures on the ground but can also ensure that you get the necessary amount of rest to function optimally by the end of your break..

After hours of research and comparisons, we have compiled the best SUV air mattresses on the market right now.

These models are designed to ensure 5-star sleeping luxury with significant anti wear and tear capabilities to guarantee maximum value for money.

Best Car Back Seat Air Beds​ : Quick Comparison

​Top 10 SUV AirBeds Available For Sale

​After hours of trials and tests, we have compiled the best inflatable mattresses for all kinds of vehicles.

Each of them comes with unique features that make them stand out so feel free to choose whichever model catches your eye.​

10. Amdirect Travel Car Back Seat Inflatable Mattress

image showing the Amdirect Travel Car Back Seat

The Amdirect Travel Car Back Seat Inflatable Mattress is crafted to give a good night’s sleep to everyone from kids to adults.

Manufactured from premium flocking material, lying on it feels so comfortable that even your pets will have the time of their lives if taking them on the road with you is non-negotiable.

It is carefully designed to fit in the backseat area of 90 percent of cars, trucks, and SUVs. The travel set comes in the form of a well-designed mattress as well as 2 sets of pillows for you and a partner.

Wondering how the mattress can be inflated and deflated? Well, the good news is that the travel set also includes an easy-to-use air pump.

The repair kit included in the shipment can also comes in handy in the event that the mattress develops a puncture while out on the road or campsite.

In addition, the included carrying bag makes traveling with the mattress stress-free.

The innovative inflatable leg designed under this car mattress guarantees maximum support for sleepers of all weight levels. This ensures stability throughout the night so you and your kids/partner can have a sound sleep.

The Amdirect Travel Car Back Seat Inflatable mattress expands to 52.7”x34.3” when fully inflated.


  • This car air mattress is perfect for tailgates
  • Easy to use for beginner campers and everyone else
  • Mattress gets fully inflated in 2 minutes


  • Like most air mattresses, make sure it is fully inflated to ensure it doesn’t sink down
  • Seams could develop problems if not fully deflated before storage

9. Fashion Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed U Back Seat Extended Sleep Rest with Air Pump

the Fashion Car Travel Inflatable Mattress is shown with accessories

The Fashion Car Travel Inflatable Mattress is an all-season SUV mattress engineered to meet your sleeping needs away from home.

Planning a cross-country trip on the road? Or looking forward to your next camping adventure?

This baby could be just what you need to guarantee zero sleepless nights while out in the cold or hot summer nights.

It is carefully crafted with soft fluffy-feeling PVC material to deliver absolute comfort for kids and parents. If you are looking for a romantic intimate trip with your lover, this car airbed could be a wise choice.

The durable PVC material also means that you can expect your automobile air mattress to stick by you for an extended period of time.

It expands to dimensions of 52.7”x13.7”x15.6” when fully inflated,which makes it an easy fit for the back seats of most vehicles. It also comes with an impressive maximum load bearing of 800 Pounds.

The package ships with an airbed designed to fit your car as well as a beginner-friendly air pump and storage bag for stress-free travel. A repair pad is also included to give owners an easy fix if the mattress develops a hole in future.

2 inflatable pillows are also added to the mix so you can sleep like a baby whether you are alone or have company.


  • Manufactured from soft-fluffy feeling but strong PVC material to ensure comfortable sleeping
  • Perfect for camping and road trips
  • Ships with air pump, 2 inflatable pillows, repair pad, and carry bag


  • Not the cheapest option out there

8. New Style Car Inflation Cushion Multi-functional Air Bed

the New Style Car Inflation Cushion Multifunctional Air Bed is great for surf trips and hiking

The New Style Car Inflation Cushion is a high-quality car airbed that can make your outdoor adventure activities delightful.

It is manufactured from top quality PVC material which is super soft and comfortable on the skin.

The unique design integrated into this model makes it one of the most fashionable SUV inflatable mattresses on the market right now. No wonder it remains highly popular in the market.

It brings utmost convenience to the table in the form of a carrying bag for easy transportation.

This car blowup bed can be fully inflated in under 3 minutes. As such, owners never have to worry about delays in setting up their beds after a long adventurous day.

Looking for romantic space to spend with your loved one? This automobile airbed can’t be beat.

It creates the right ambience for you to enjoy what nature has to offer with the love of your life.

It comes in 2 parts which can be blown up separately. Users therefore get complete control on which sides to inflate depending on the space available in their car as well as the ability to adjust the inflation volume as and when needed.

In addition to the mattress and the carrying bag, an inflatable pillow and easy-to-use air pump are also included in the package.

When fully inflated, this inflatable SUV mattress measures 53x34x4 inches.


  • Manufactured from soft and durable PVC material to ensure comfortable sleeping
  • Fully inflates to the preferred level of firmness under 2 minutes
  • Creates romantic space for you to enjoy with a loved one


  • There have been a few customer complaints of the pump arriving later than the mattress
  • Failure to read the instructions of the air pump can lead to problems with inflation

7. Only Mobile Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV

the Only Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV pictured alone

The Only Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Airbed is a super thick SUV air mattress that gives genuine comfort to sleepers.

Manufactured from top quality PVC material which is proven to be durable and eco-friendly, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it is quite special.

Unlike many rival models available for sale today, the PVC material used by the manufacturer is non-toxic, odor-free, and safe for kids and adults alike.

It is perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures ranging from hiking to camping as well as long road trips and aquatic activities such as surf trips and fishing trips.

When looking for an awesome outdoor recliner or beach chair, this model can be a great choice.

The cushion gives campers and other outdoor enthusiasts unbelievable crush resistance and quakeproof characteristics to take their car travel sleeping experience to the next level.

Additionally, the cushion features 10 independent compartments to guarantee the structural integrity of the car mattress.

Inflation and deflation is quick and takes only 2 minutes to complete thanks to the world-class air pump included in the shipment.

As long as the temperature inside your car ranges between -13 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be sure that this inflatable mattress will give optimum performance.

Thinking about camping during winter? The cold-resistant material integrated into the surface of the mattress ensures genuine levels of warmth even in the middle of plummeting temperatures.


  • Ultra-thin streamline design makes it a perfect fit for SUVs, Trucks, and other vehicles
  • Optimum performance within temperatures of -13 to 140 degrees
  • Cold-resistant surface gives warmth during winter


  • Re-inflation is required every 10 hours
  • Cannot be used in water as a lifesaving equipment

6. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress 

the FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed safely tucked in a camping car

The FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress gives an awesome sleeping experience during camping and road trips as well as surf trips, festivals, and other travel adventures.

The flat and wide design is engineered with the latest manufacturing standards to ensure superior comfort. The flocked top is gentle on the skin and promotes long hours of uninterrupted sleeping.

It is especially suitable for restless children to relax and pass time during boring journeys on the road.

The integrated air cushioning also promotes extra comfort for users of all sizes and body weights.

Fortunately, this vehicle-mounted inflatable mattress fits mainstream cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market with ease. After full inflation, it measures 56.3”x34.25”x17.72”.

It ships with 2 inflatable pillows as well as a repair kit and inflator/deflator air pump. A carrying bag is also included to ensure easy transportation.


  • Included air pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate
  • Fits virtually all mainstream vehicles on the market
  • Flat and wide design gives considerable comfort to sleepers


  • Not suitable for micro-miniature cars
  • Color may slightly differ when it arrives

5. Car Inflation Thick Travel Air Mattress

Car Inflation Thick Travel Air Mattress in full depiction

The Car Inflation Thick Travel Air Mattress is crafted with top-of-the-range PVC material which feels noticeably soft and comfortable.

Can you imagine sleeping on an inflatable mattress with a super comfortable surface that feels like feathers in your car?

To ensure ease of inflation this vehicle airbed is divided into 2 parts, which can be blown up separately. Each user gets to choose how firm he or she wants this blowup bed to be inflated to.

The inflatable elastic material serves as an insulator against bumps and vibrations when you are trying to sleep in a moving car. The internal flow also blocks noise from the environment to promote a quiet sleep.

Carrying this inflatable SUV mattress is easy and convenient thanks to the storage bag that ships with it. It can be inflated to your desired level of firmness in just 2 minutes with the included air pump.

The inflatable structural design and quality raw material used in the manufacture ensures that the product is harmless to kids and everyone else regardless of circumstances on the ground.


  • Recommended for kids, pregnant women, and pets
  • Protects sleepers from bumps and vibrations when car is on the move
  • Noise-blocking features ensure quiet sleeping experience


  • Has to be re-inflated regularly

4. Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Air Bed 

the Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Mobile Cushion Extended Travel Mattress Air Bed pictured here comes with attractive features

The Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Mobile Cushion takes sleeping comfort to Cloud 9, thanks to its extremely thick cushion.

It gives sleepers a smooth leather feel that serves as a sleeping aid for continuous snoozing all night long.

The car cushion is manufactured from high-grade PVC material tested and proven to be non-toxic, child-friendly, eco-friendly, and odor-free.

While typical SUV mattresses on the market come with 25um thickness, this model gives you double thickness at over 44 um.

This amazing level of thickness gives unbelievable crush resistance and quakeproof characteristics.

Thankfully, it is compatible with approximately 95 percent of SUVs in North America today.

Additionally, the body is a 3-piece folding unit with 10 independent interconnecting compartments to ensure it holds up well through extended use.

Inflating this mattress from scratch requires no more than 2 minutes. Deflating it to complete flatness when you need to pack up or take it into storage is even faster.

Each purchase includes a 12 v car electric pump and repair kit with 2 patches as well as a carrying bag for easy transportation of the vehicle mattress.


  • Extra thickness gives added comfort for users
  • Fits almost every car you can think of
  • Ships with 12v car pump, repair kit, and carry bag


  • Electric air pump cord could definitely be longer
  • If you don’t like to snuggle, 2 people may feel a little cramped on this cushion

3. Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Camping Travel Mattress

the Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Camping Travel Mattress is great RVS, sedans, MVPs

The Winterial Back Seat Inflatable is an impressive car air bed that can make your outdoor travel worthwhile.

The surface material is soft and gentle on the skin while the tough and durable overall build blows away everyone the moment they lay their hands on it.

The mattress is extremely versatile and comes with two independent sections to fit whichever car you own, be it a sedan or SUV.

Therefore, you only have to blow up the sections required to fit the backseat area of your vehicle.

It is recommended for outdoor activities all-year round especially during winter due to the world-class cold-resistant properties built into the double-sided flocked top material.

Filing up this inflatable SUV mattress to your desired level of firmness is easy and can be done with the electric car pump included in the shipment.

A repair kit with 2 glue patches also comes with each purchase.


  • Fine blend between a tough and durable build as well as soft and comfortable surface
  • Cold-resistant properties make it highly recommended for ski bums who prefer sleeping in their cars at the ski resort
  • Ships with electric car pump and repair kit


  • Periodic re-inflation is required to keep it firm for continuous sleeping

2. HAITRAL Portable Travel Car Inflatable Air Mattress

HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable is perfect for outdoor adventures

The HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress is fabricated to last through significant wear and tear.

The strong world-class flannel surface material provides support for over 650 pounds of weight.

Integrated with the latest pressure-proof and anti-seismic technologies in the industry, an exceptional sleeping experience on the road is beckoning.

Whether you own a sedan, SUV, or MVP, you can be sure that this car air bed will fit without any problems. The lightweight material allows owners to fold and carry it with ease whenever the need to travel with it arises.

Featuring powerful double heated seams, air loss through loose seams are effectively eliminated in this model. This is a significant break from other air mattresses on the market which struggle to retain air after inflation.

Inflation to your desired level of firmness takes only 2 minutes thanks to the electric car pump that ships with this model. Deflation is equally easy and simply requires opening of the bleeder valve and pressing it for the air to come out.

The fact that it is easy to clean is another reason why you’ll love this SUV blowup mattress.


  • World-class pressure-proof, anti-seismic, and non-toxic material ensures exceptional sleeping experience
  • Fits all kinds of cars including Sedans, SUVs, and Minivans
  • Easy to clean and keep


  • Air leaks naturally after 10 hours and has to be refilled

1. Hepburn's SUV Heavy-duty Backseat Car Mattress

the Hepburn's SUV Heavy-duty Backseat Car Mattress is our number one car air mattress pick

The Hepburn’s SUV Heavy-Duty is our number one pick for the best car air mattress on the market right now.

It allows avid outdoor enthusiasts to transform the back seat of their vehicles into comfortable hotel beds at no extra cost.

The eco-friendly material is breathable, non-toxic, and gentle on the skin so people of all ages can be sure of sleeping smoothly.

Couples on the lookout for intimate romantic motion in their vehicles during outdoor camping find this model very relieving.

Crafted by outdoor enthusiasts for their peers, this inflatable mattress has everything it takes to give you that relaxing sleep you deserve. It is easy to carry around while the innovative 12v electric pump allows fast inflation within just 2 minutes.

It has been extensively tested and refined for 5-star performance on road trips across deserts, mountains, and other rough terrains.

This guarantees relaxed sleeping every time without ever needing to leave your SUV.

If you’re serious about giving yourself a treat the next time you are outdoors, it doesn’t get better than the Hepburn’s SUV Heavy-Duty Mattress.


  • Each section has an independent valve to prevent a single leakage from affecting the whole mattress.
  • Eco-friendly PVC material is non-toxic and doesn’t emanate any foul odors
  • Ships with 12v electric pump and repair kits


  • Price tag is a bit steep

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