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Bestway is one of the first brands that pop into mind when someone is looking for a quality inflatable mattress. The manufacturer is noted for releasing models with mind-blowing finishes.

While most competitors do not put too much effort into the aesthetic qualities of their mattresses, Bestway takes the opposite view. The brand believes a bright colored conspicuous design coupled with a well-constructed unit results in a winner.

Keep reading if you have an eye for great looking stuff and want a mattress you can rely on.

Bestway Air Mattresses Comparison Table

Top 5 Bestway Airbed Reviews

There are hundreds of Bestwair airbeds on the market and scanning through them can be a Herculean task.

We have taken the liberty of reviewing the top 5 models available to make the shopping process easier.​

Bestway Raised Premium Plus Air Bed with Built in AC Air Pump (Twin)

image showing the Bestway Raised Premium Plus Air Bed with Built in AC Air Pump (Twin)

The Bestway Raised Premium Twin is the number one selling Bestway branded air bed on Amazon at the moment. With the numerous sizes and designs available, it looks like the manufacturer got something right this time around.

The awesome-looking finish is one of the first things that hit you as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

The sleeping surface is manufactured from comfortable flocking material for deep restful sleeping throughout the night.

This airbed is so gentle that sleeping on it could easily give the impression of a regular memory foam mattress instead of an inflatable one. It is engineered with a sturdy I-beam frame to offer you the necessary level of stability even if you are slightly overweight.

You will be delighted with this model if you have always had a soft spot for blowup beds raised significantly from the ground.

When inflated fully, it is elevated an incredible 18 inches from the floor. Surely, your days of struggling to get in and out of bed are over.

The built-in pump is super easy to use so don’t even stress about it. To inflate the bed, just hit “down” on the pump dial and it starts blowing air until it is full.

Hitting the “up” dial also gets your bed fully deflated so you can easily pack into storage or for travel.

If you have been on the hunt for inflatable mattresses that get fully inflated in 3 minutes or less, you just found it!


  • Comfortable flocked top gives you solid hours of sleeping without waking up
  • Great looking twin airbed which measures 73x38x18 when fully inflated
  • Raised 18 inches from the floor so no struggles to get in and out of bed
  • Built-in pump gets it fully blown up in 3 minutes


  • AC-powered pump requires electricity for operation

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Bestway Queen Flocked Air Bed with Battery Pump

the Bestway Queen Flocked Air Bed with Battery Pump in full glare

The Bestway Flocked Queen is the best queen-sized Bestway air mattress for anyone who could do with a little more space. This bed has enough capacity to sleep 1-2 people even if they are the most restless sleepers.

This inflatable mattress catches your eye immediately after you see it. It features durable coil beam construction technology to give consumers additional support throughout the night.

The sleeping surface is soft and gives everyone similar comfort for their traditional beds at home. This is thanks to the flocked material used for constructing the top area with the aim of making you enjoy your sleep.

The quick inflation/deflation valve makes setting up your inflatable mattress a breeze even if you have never owned one before.

It gives you the flexibility to connect any pump of your choice for blowing air in and out of your airbed.

There are times when your airbed can develop punctures while you are at home or camping in the woods. A repair kit can be very important during such periods of crisis.

This is the reason why Bestway ships this unit with a heavy-duty repair patch at no extra cost. This gives you the confidence that even if disaster occurs, you will be able to keep things under control.

It also ships with a battery-powered pump which eliminates the need to spend extra on a separate one.


  • Flocked top material keeps everyone comfortable
  • Queen air mattress measuring 80x60x8.5 inches when fully blown up
  • Ships with battery-operated pump for inflating/deflating indoors and outdoors
  • Heavy-duty repair patch helps you take control of any issues which may pop up


  • Folding it for storage is quite difficult
  • Not very comfortable without a mattress pad

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Blue Bestway Dream Glimmers Comfort inflatable beds for kids and a Battery Powered Inflating Pump

Bestway Dream Glimmers Airbed - Blue is the best model for toddlers

We all know how delicate kids can be and how comfortable they need their sleeping surface to be in order to achieve flawless sleeping.

The Bestway Dream Glimmers is the perfect inflatable mattress for toddlers.

This model is highly recommended if you require absolute comfort for a child between the ages of 3-6.

The Dream Glimmer design is the main highlight of this inflatable mattress from Bestway. It comes in a starry night sky with multi-color changing lights that kids will love.

Coupled with the flocked top material construction, there is no reason why your child shouldn’t sleep soundly.

The inflatable extra backrest gives additional support and comfort for toddlers who are real giants. With this quality toddler blowup bed at home, you can be sure that your kid won’t wake up on the floor unlike inferior models.

The Dream Glimmer lights are powered by 3AAA batteries which must be purchased separately. However, they are cheap and easier to get so that shouldn’t be a problem.

It ships with a 4-D battery-operated air pump for easy inflation and deflation of your kid’s air mattress. This mattress has got you covered whether you need comfortable bedding for your kid indoors or outdoors.

This mattress comes with dimensions of 52x30x18 inches which is usually perfect for kids within the defined age range.


  • Dream Glimmer lights are a true innovation that your kid will love
  • Comfortable flocked top for kids to sleep soundly all night long
  • Includes 4-D battery-operated pump for inflation and deflation indoors/outdoors
  • Recommended for kids between 3-6 years old


  • Would have been awesome if the pump could be used for blowing up basketballs and other stuff kids play with

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Bestway Aslepa Double Air Bed with Sleeping Bag, Yellow

image showing the Bestway Aslepa Single Air Bed with Sleeping Bag, Yellow

Sleeping in the open while camping in the middle of nowhere may not be such a good idea even if you are a dedicated nature buff.

The Bestway Aslepa Single Air Bed With Sleeping Bag gives complete sleeping solutions to make your camping trips worthwhile. It comes in a 2-in-1 unit in the form of an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag.

Don’t want to use both at the same time? No problem!

Owners get the option of using the mattress and sleeping bag separately depending on their needs at any point. This makes it great for sleeping at home or for outdoor fun activities.

The good news is that the sleeping bag can be a great asset in keeping your body warm at night.

Most avid campers are aware of how low temperatures can plummet to during the night.

With the sleeping bag’s temperature rating of 53.6 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect to feel warm even during colder periods of the year.

The bag also protects you from insects and creatures that can cause harm while you are sleeping. It is constructed from quality terylene fabric with a water-proof shell manufactured from taffeta polyester.

Additionally, the top is made from soft flocking material which is gentle on the skin of even toddlers. It features built-in pillows for de-stressing while spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This mattress is twin-sized and measures 73x30x8.5 inches when fully inflated to give enough space for sleeping.


  • Complete sleeping solutions in the form of a 2-in-1 twin-sized airbed and sleeping bag
  • Waterproofed flocked top gives users comfortable sleeping
  • Sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 53.6 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Measures 73x30x8.5 inches when fully blown up


  • Doesn’t include a pump so you’ll have to buy one separately

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Bestway 80" x 60" x 17" Comfort Cell Premiere Plus Elevated Airbed Queen | 67561

Bestway 80x 6 x 17 Comfort Cell Premiere Plus Elevated Airbed Queen 67561 is the best Best queen size inflatable mattress

The Bestway 80x60x17 inches Comfort Cell Premiere Plus is a raised queen size airbed built to give you a relaxing sleeping experience. This model gifts you the peace of mind to sleep well night after night.

The strong I-beam construction offers amazing support for two adults and a few toddlers to sleep comfortably. You can go to bed with the reasonable expectation that you won’t wake up on the floor the next day.

This mattress is raised 16 inches from the floor when fully inflated. Many adults struggle to get in and out of low-lying mattresses so this feature is extremely appreciating.

If you are suffering from sore joints, this is the kind of mattress you need to help soothe your pain.

It comes with a high-capacity built-in electric pump that makes inflating and deflating painless. Can you imagine getting this baby fully setup in just 4 minutes?

The Bestway Sleeplux air mattress ships with a highly resourceful repair patch that can be lifesaving if your mattress ever develops an issue down the line. While this unit is built to hold up well over a long period, it pays to be prepared.

The included travel bag makes your life easy in so many ways. It gives you an avenue to pack your airbed for storage or for travel.

You should be able to carry your mattress effortlessly even if you are jumping on an international flight.


  • 16-inch elevation from the floor makes getting in and out of bed a breeze
  • Strong I-beam construction gives unrivaled support while you sleep
  • Built-in electric pump fully inflates mattress in 4 minutes
  • Repair patch and travel bag included at no extra cost


  • Designed mainly for indoor usage

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The Verdict

Truth be told: Bestway isn’t the best air mattress manufacturer in the world and lots of its models are duds.

However, there are a few units which have gained raving reviews over the last couple of years in the industry.

If you must get a Bestway air mattress, the 5 reviewed here are the best on the market at the moment.

Hopefully, you have already found one that can give you that sleeping experience you crave.

Had a great experience with a particular Bestway mattress? Feel free to share with us. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this brand.

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