How to Deflate Air Mattress With or Without Pump

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man lying on an airbed to speedup the deflation process

Air mattresses are a convenient way to sleep with comfort whether you are on the road or at home. They have become much sought after since their release on the market in the last decade or so.

If you have ever slept on one of these while away from home then you’d probably be thankful for them as they can be genuinely life-saving.

If you are ever short on beds at home, these mattresses can give your guests a comfortable sleeping surface. Deflating an air mattress is not rocket science and therefore anyone should be able to do it without problems.

A quality 4D battery-operated or 120V electrical pump is the easiest way to get them fully deflated. While there are other less conventional ways to get this done, using a pump of some sort makes the procedure smooth.

When Do You Need to Deflate An Air Mattress?

typical flat mattress after deflation

If you have never owned an inflatable mattress then you may never know the importance of deflation. Remember, these mattresses are mobile meaning they are designed for carrying with you during outdoor adventures.

You wouldn’t want to carry a fully inflated bed weighing 300 pounds on the road, would you?

This is why you should be able to deflate your mattress whenever you want.

Deflation also comes in handy during storage. You get the freedom to pack your mattress into a closet or any other area of your home until the next time you need it.

With many of us struggling for space at home, this is such a welcome feature.

Preparing Your Mattress for Deflation

The first step towards deflating your airbed is to move the fully blown piece onto a hard surface. If there are pillows, duvet covers, mattress toppers, and other items lying on the bed, remove them quickly.

Also, make sure the bed is free of fragile personal effects such as reading glasses during the removal process.

The next step is the actual deflating process. Keep in mind that this simply means blowing air out of your mattress for it to become flat.

Now, the method for deflating your airbed depends on the type of mattress you own. Please note that the process for inflatable mattresses that feature an internal pump is quite different from another that relies on an external pump.

Let’s take a look at the different procedures so you know how to blow air out of whichever mattress you own.

How to Deflate Air From Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

valve being opened to let out air

An air mattress with internal pump is designed to ensure effortless inflation and deflation. If you own one of these then you are in luck. You should have no issues getting your bed fully flat for storage or travel.

  • The first step is to flip the “deflate” dial on your air mattress. Each brand of mattress comes with its own dial. Some may sport a “Deflate” button directly which is self explanatory.

Other brands may come with the “0” or “Minus (-)” sign to indicate deflation.

  • Once the deflate button has been pressed, the internal pump immediately starts sucking air out of the mattress. Depending on the brand you own, the process could take between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

One critical advantage is that these mattresses do not need your supervision to deflate completely.

How to Deflate Air Mattress with Separate Pump

Some types of mattresses do not come with the luxury of built-in pumps. If you own one of those, getting hold of an external pump is a must if you desire to make the deflation process as quick as possible.

Air mattresses that operate with external pumps usually feature two distinct pumps i.e. a wide-opening and narrow-opening.

  • Attaching the pump to the wide opening mouth is the first step towards deflating the mattress.

Your mattress should also come with two valves i.e. a narrow and large-opening valve. The Narrow one is designed to simply blow air into the mattress. The Wider valve on the other hand, is built to solely suck air out of the mattress.

Once the nozzle is hooked to the deflate valve on the pump, it should be placed on the open end of the wider valve.

  • The last step is to switch on the pump. Once this is done, the pump begins sucking air out of the mattress and thus begins the deflation process.

Some pumps may have issues making contact with the valve thereby slowing the deflation process. If you find yourself in this situation, holding the pump manually while the pump is in operation usually does the trick.

This should result in good contact being made with the pump to make the deflation process quicker.

If you have a third party around, then you can get him or her to apply pressure on the mattress. This can speed up the deflation process so you can get it over with in no time.

Other consumers simply lie on the mattress while the deflation process is underway.

Deflating Your Air Bed Without a Pump

man lying on an airbed to speedup the deflation process

What do you do when you have found yourself in a position where you need to deflate your pump yet have none around? Is there a way to blow out air out of your mattress to make it flat in such a scenario?

The good news is that pressure from your hands and knees can be used to deflate your inflatable mattress. Just open the wider deflating valve and keep applying the pressure.

Your air mattress could become completely flat within the space of 10 minutes depending on its size and the amount of pressure applied.

The Verdict

Congratulations on finding the patience to go through the various processes. We trust that you should have no problems deflating your mattress in the near future.

An inflatable mattress that comes with a powerful internal pump makes the deflation process super easy. If you never want to undergo any stress the next time you need to blow air out of your mattress,  just choose one of those as soon as possible.

You will be glad you did!

The only disadvantage of built-in pumps is that that are usually not designed for outdoor use. Therefore, finding a source of electricity to plug them in can lead to some problems.

Therefore, you may have no choice but to purchase an external pump airbed if you need bedding for camping. True, getting air out of these mattresses could be somewhat cumbersome.

However, as long as you follow some of the tips listed above, you should be fine.

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