3 Unconventional Ways to Inflate Airbed Without Pump


Air mattresses are awesome in so many ways and this is why everyone is getting one of these. When you have guests coming over, they can offer a comfortable sleeping surface without breaking the bank.

These mattresses can also be invaluable when you are going camping or on a road trip. There are two main types of air mattresses, those that come with built-in pumps and others featuring separate pumps.

If you own an inflatable mattress with internal pump, flipping the “Inflate” button gets it pumped up. As such, you may think that these unconventional methods are not applicable to you.

But, what if you find yourself in a setting with no electricity? Or you end up in a different country where the electrical outlet is not compatible with what you have?

These are solid reasons why you have to pay attention to these methods of inflating your airbed without a pump.

For those who own external pump mattresses, you can blow it up as long as you have your pump around and in working condition.

However, the disadvantage of these separate pumps is the fact that they can malfunction on a whim. You can also end up misplacing them which can be extremely frustrating especially after combing every inch of your home in a bid to search for it.

However, what if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere without an external pump? Is there any way you can get your mattress inflated without a pump?

3 Unconventional Methods To Inflate Your Air Mattress

We have uncovered some unconventional yet effective methods that can successfully get your air mattress inflated when you don’t have access to a pump. Get ready to buckle up as we take you on the ride of your life.

Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaners are perfect for blowing up air mattresses when you don't have a pump

When you have a malfunctioning pump or you just can’t find it, it is time to start thinking quick.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most unconventional ways to inflate your air mattress when the going gets tough. As long as the cleaner comes with a hose attachment, you should have no problems getting your mattress blown up.

Before you even think about starting the inflation process, make sure the vacuum has no dust or debris. If you are not sure, just run the cleaner outside for a couple of minutes to verify that it is completely free.

The first step is to spread out your inflatable mattress flat on the floor. Just open the valve and connect the nozzle to the vacuum hose. Make sure you continue adjusting the hose until you get a completely tight connection.

There are lots of adaptors that can be turned to if the connection between the nozzle and hose remain lose. Just go online or walk into your nearest sports goods store to get one of these.

To fill your mattress with air you have to press the exhaust or reverse mode. Don’t forget to remove the hose from the connection immediately your mattress is fully inflated.

Close the nozzle quickly to prevent air from seeping out of your mattress and becoming less firm.

Hair Dryer

hair dryer can be used to inflate your air mattress

Who thought your regular hair dryer could double as a pump for your inflatable mattress? Well, if you have one of these dryers at home then don’t worry about blowing air into your mattress.

You are in luck because your dryer can get your airbed fully inflated just fine.

However, there are a few precautions you have to take before using your hairdryer as an airbed pump. The first step is to ensure that you haven’t pressed on the option to blow hot air.

This could cause serious repercussions to the seams of your mattress and lead to punctures, bubbles, and eventual damage.

If you have used duct tape in the past to patch any area of your mattress then hot air could cause damage to it.

Once your hair dryer is set to blow cold air, connect it to the nozzle of the mattress. Then blow as much air as possible into it until it reaches full firmness.

Once you notice it is firm enough, disconnect the dryer immediately and close the nozzle to prevent significant air loss.

You wouldn’t want your hard work to be undone within a few seconds, would you?

Garbage Bags

garbage bags shown here can serve as air mattress pumps

Garbage bags are another crazy way to fill your inflatable mattress with air when your pump is missing. These bags aren’t the quickest method to get your airbeds inflated but they work anyway.

The first step is to get strong garbage bags which are quite large in size. These bags should be able to catch a considerable amount of air when swung around.

Once you have caught some air, hold the open end of the bag as tight as possible to prevent the air from escaping.

Connect the end of the trash bag to your inflatable mattress’ valve. While holding it extremely tight, use your body weight to push the air into the valve.

Repeat the process about 15 times and your mattress should be inflated to full firmness for you to sleep.

Just make sure your valve is closed immediately after every round so the air pushed inside doesn’t escape.

The Verdict

Nothing beats blowing up your airbed with a built-in or external pump. These pumps are convenient and specially designed to get the job done. If you have a pump around or can get access to one, there will be no need to use any unconventional method.

However, there are times when you find yourself in a position where you have little choice. You may have guests coming over at a moment’s notice. Or you just can’t find your pump no matter how hard you look for it.

Whatever your reason may be, these methods certainly work and have been used by lots of people successfully.

We however recommend that you don’t make it a habit. Try to get a new pump as soon as possible.

Whichever method you decide to use, always make sure you apply common sense. Stay away from any methods that will cause short or long-term damage to your mattress.

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