Best Methods for Airing Out Your Air Mattress? (No More Plastic Odor)

Even the best air mattresses in the world get dirty and start emanating foul odors when not properly cared for.

The average person sweats considerably during the night, and over time; it accumulates germs and allergens. No one wants to sleep on a dirty, smelly mattress because it can be very uncomfortable.

This is why it is important to practice the highest hygiene standards if you want your inflatable mattress to look and smell fresh.

We recommend you air your mattress weekly if it is slept on regularly. If you hardly use it, then make sure you air it out after every few couple of uses.

While sending your airbeds outdoors to get some air is the most convenient way to keep them fresh and smelling great, indoor drying can be equally effective.

If your mattress is infested with lice, bedbugs, and other creatures, then frequent spraying and airing could be the key to permanently eliminating these organisms.

Steps for Airing out Your Mattress

If you want the best results, following these tips could be vital to getting a clean air mattress.

Air Your Mattress When It Is Brand New

Most brand new mattresses come with residual odors, which can make them quite unbearable. These odors come about as a result of the manufacturing and packaging process.

Letting it air out immediately after the shipment arrives is critical to rid your mattress of the stench. Most people air out blowup beds for a day or two before sleeping on it for the first time.

Let the Mattress Breathe

The first step towards airing an air mattress successfully is to allow it to breathe. This means clearing any bed linen, duvet covers, and clothes from the air mattress.

Any pillows on the bed should also be removed so your mattress is completely bare. Once you have ensured the bed is completely free, open every window or opening in the room.

During summer and other sunny times of the year, the sun’s rays shining directly on the mattress from the opened windows alone can eliminate any manufacturing or packaging odors.

Remember, the opened windows also allow fresh air into the room and prevent it from feeling stuffy, which can make the mattress smelly.

Wash Your Sheets

Stripping your mattress bare of any covers, mattress toppers, sheets, and linens is not enough. It is time to get those sheets washed so they can begin feeling fresh again.

Remember that no matter how brand new a mattress is, failure to lay it with fresh sheets can make the sleeping experience unbearable.

Don’t forget to get your pillowcases, blankets, duvet covers, and comforters washed regularly. The rule of thumb is to wash lighter accessories, such as pillowcases and bed sheets, once every week.

Heavier items such as comforters, blankets, and duvet covers could be washed every two months.

Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuuming your air mattress is a tried and tested method to keep it looking and smelling fresh. If you are allergic to dust, then it is recommended that you vacuum your airbed weekly.

Even if you don’t have any such allergies, vacuuming your mattress after every couple of uses could enhance your sleep quality substantially.

It also serves as an effective tool for removing dust and dust mites formed from continuous sweating.

Fortunately, vacuum cleaners are engineered to eliminate dust without circulating it. If you have dust allergies, you’d appreciate how much this will mean to your comfort and overall health.

Just ensure the airbed is stripped bare before you begin vacuuming to achieve optimum results.

Take Your Airbed Outdoors to Air Out

Most inflatable mattress owners say they are quite content with airing them indoors. This is the most convenient way since it comes with minimal stress.

However, it is recommended that you take your fully inflated bed outdoors at least once every six months. This will allow you to air it out in the sun to keep it looking completely fresh.

If you own a considerably heavy bed, such as a queen size, then you may need to ask for some help in moving it outdoors.

Carrying a deflated airbed outdoors is actually the smartest option if your bed is a king or queen size. Once you find the best drying spot, re-inflate it to full firmness with an external pump.

Leave out your inflatable mattress to completely dry out in the sun for at least 6 hours. When you are sure it is aired out enough, use your pump to deflate it. Then carry it indoors and re-inflate whenever you need to.

Don’t Air Out In Unfriendly Weather

Airing out your inflatable mattress comes with lots of valuable benefits. However, you should consider the weather before taking your airbed out to get some fresh air.

It is important only to dry out your mattress during friendly weather. This translates to a bright sunny day with a minimum chance of rain.

Drying out your airbed during winter can be a big no-no, as there is always a big chance of snow. Even if there’s no snow, the low temperatures can be detrimental to the lifespan of your mattress.

Air Out On Weekends

Leaving out your airbed outdoors while going to work doesn’t sound too good. This is why it is recommended that you take it out to catch some sunlight on a weekend when you are at home.

This will ensure you can monitor the mattress throughout the day and take it indoors when needed.

Over-drying airbeds in the sun can lead to long-term damage, so ensure it is not done excessively.

The Verdict

When you have valuable guests on the way to your home, giving them the best sleeping experience is essential. The first step towards achieving this is ensuring your mattress looks and smells great.

The abovementioned techniques will help give you or your guests the most luxurious sleeping experience.