Best Air Mattress Pump 2022 – 5 Great Options

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An air mattress pump is one of the most important accessories for everyone who owns any type of inflatable mattress.

These pumps are useful for blowing air into your mattress in order to become firm enough for comfortable sleeping through the night.

Airbed pumps are also designed to suck air out of your inflatable beds so you can pack it up on the go or for storage.

Let’s take a look at the types available for sale today so you know exactly what you are getting into.


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Top 5 Air Bed Pump Models on the Market

We are a bunch of lazy people here at Air Bed Comparisons and always choose automated options over manual. That is why 4 out of our top 5 picks are electric and battery powered air pumps.

We have taken the time to test and review hundreds of pump models on the market. This is meant to help you choose wisely during shopping for an airbed pump. Let’s see which ones are the best at the moment.

Best Air Mattress Pump for Home Use

Best option for those on the go (with the car electricity option). An all around great pump.

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The Coleman QuickPump is an effective way to quickly inflate or deflate just about any airbed at home. Reviewed with impressive scores by hundreds of Amazon buyers, having regrets after purchasing this model seems out of the question.

The most impressive feature is the Fast Inflate and Deflate design because everyone wants a pump that fully blows up and deflates with quick efficiency. It gives you the benefit of inflating your air mattress in a quicker time frame than competitor models.

The 120V pump plugs into any electrical outlet at home. You can choose the 12V pump option if you prefer a car-powered airbed pump instead. Whether you need to fill up your air mattress at home or in the middle of nowhere, Coleman has got you covered.

The inflatable mattress pump comes with extra adaptors so you can easily fix it to pinch valves, double lock valves, or Boston valves.

When you are done having fun, this pump quickly deflates your airbed into a portable unit for convenient storage.

What We Like
- Fast Infate/Deflate design quickly fills up airbed within minutes regardless of its size
- 120V plug is compatible with all electrical outlets at home
- 12V model option available if you prefer a car-powered airbed pump
- Extra adaptors for connecting double lock, Boston, or pinch valves
Know Before Buying
- Comes in 4 different styles so make sure you get the right one for your needs to avoid disappointment
- Power cord for the 12V car-powered style should be longer

Best Air Mattress Pump for Cars

This is a great car-powered air mattress pump. It works well on the go and reliably fills up your inflatables, even if it's a little loud in the process.

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Being able to fill up your airbed swiftly away from home can be a relief when you are in a hurry. It gives you the freedom to pack as many inflatables as you want on your trip because you know you can blow them up with ease upon reaching your destination.

The Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric is a car-powered super fast pump that fills up your airbeds in record time. This pump is equally effective for filling up inflatable kids’ pools, rafts, and other products.

It comes in a sleek compact design that easily fits in your palms so you can carry it with you for even longer distances.

Featuring 3 interconnecting nozzles, you can be sure that even gargantuan inflatables can be quickly filled within just minutes. It gives you the freedom to focus on other more enjoyable activities during camping trips.

This quality pump comes with a 12-volt DC power plug which is compatible with every car power outlet. As long as you have a car around, re-filling or deflating your airbed whenever you want shouldn’t be problem.

Without a doubt, this is the best airbed pump for camping.

What We Like
- Freedom to pack many inflatable products in your car without the need to fill them up at home first
- Fills up even large inflatables in record time
- Comes with 12-volt DC power plug compatible with every car
- Perfect for all outdoor activities
Know Before Buying
- Power cord could definitely be longer
- Pump is quite loud during operation

Best Air Mattress Hand Pump

A great option for those going into the great outdoors without access to electricity.

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The Intex Double Quick III is the ultimate manual inflatable mattress pump for the outdoors. It is simple to use and doesn’t require plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Most people rely on battery-powered pumps for outdoor activities but we all know they can die anytime. Having your pump’s batteries die on you in the middle of nowhere can be a nightmare.

The Intex Double Quick III is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting. With sheer strength from your hands, this pump can be used to inflate and deflate any air mattress.

Blowing up any inflatable material is simple and fast, thanks to the double action pump design. It ensures that air is effectively pumped on both up and down strokes for maximum inflation or deflation. This unit effectively fills up a large airbed within a short space of time unlike other manual air pump models.

This is essentially the best manual air bed foot pump available for sale today. It is flexible and comes with 3 different interconnecting nozzles with hoses for inflating and deflating different products.

What We Like
- Simple and easy to use
- Requires no batteries or plugging into electrical outlets
- Double action pump design ensures quick fill-up and deflation
- 3 different nozzles with hoses for connecting with different inflatable products
Know Before Buying
- Manual deflation and inflation could be tiring
- Not as fast as electric and battery-powered airbed pumps

Also Recommended

A great air mattress pump which fills up quickly and quietly. Comes with many different sized nozzles for maximum compatibility.

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The Smart Air Beds Electrical Pump is suitable if you have just bought an inflatable mattress with a useless pump. If the airbed you own doesn’t include a pump, this is one of the best options available for you too.

Featuring 3 superbly designed nozzles; this pump is perfect for filling up and deflating any inflatable product on the market. It is easily detachable and designed for not just airbeds but inflatable balls, pools, and sofas.

It is super-quiet unlike some rival units which can be extremely loud during operation. The high capacity integrated into it beats the competition hands down. No wonder many consumers believe it is the most advanced electric inflatable mattress pump on the market at the moment.

This is one of the few pumps which have been rigorously tested and certified by independent sources. It comes with ET and UL certification which guarantee that you are purchasing a safe and quality product.

What We Like
- Extremely powerful yet quieter than other brands on the market
- 3 detachable nozzles make it compatible with hundreds of brands of airbeds, pools, and inflatable rafts.
- Compact size delivers mind-blowing performance
Know Before Buying
- Nozzle keeps falling off when not properly attached to the inflatable mattress

Also Recommended

Another great pump which will serve you well for indoor use.

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The Intex 66619E Quick-Fill is one of our top recommended electric air bed pump for inflatable mattresses, sofas, and pools.

This pump is perfect for any inflatable product that doesn’t require a bicycle attachment. It is a standard pump which starts inflating your air mattress as soon as it plugs into an electrical outlet.

3 different-sized nozzles are featured in this mattress pump to make it compatible with any inflatable you can think of. From water slides to airbeds as well as inflatable sofas. and pools, this pump makes inflation and deflation a breeze.

Once you start using this superb air pump, you begin to wonder how you managed to live without it in the past. The compact design makes it easy to carry around and doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

It is well constructed with strong parts so you can be sure that they will last for a long time. The Quick-Fill design guarantees that even the largest of inflatables can be filled up or deflated within a few minutes.

What We Like
- Well-constructed to stand the test of time
- 120V pump is compatible with all electrical outlets at home
- Quick-Fill technology ensures inflation/deflation of large products within just minutes
- Compact design with small footprint for easy storage
Know Before Buying
- Not suitable for outdoor activities because it requires plugging into electrical outlets
- It’s a little noisy during inflation or deflation

Types of Inflatable Mattress Pumps

There are different types of inflatable mattress pumps designed to meet the custom needs and preferences of consumers.

Electric AirBed Pumps

Electric air pumps are powered by electricity and require plugging into a power outlet for use. They are useful for quickly inflating and/or deflating not just air beds but other inflatables as well.

The only downside is that they can’t be used outdoors or anywhere else with no access to electricity.

Battery-Powered Pumps

This is another type of mattress pump popular among campers and people who love outdoor activities. Whether you are going camping or an overnight fishing trip, they can be a great addition to your camping gear.

Most battery powered air bed pumps are powered by lithium and other batteries which are commonly available.

Filling up your bed whenever you need to take a nap shouldn’t be a problem as long as your batteries are working.

Manual Air Pumps

These are the oldest type of air bed pumps and come with the advantage of not requiring electricity or batteries.

Also known as air mattress foot pumps, they used to be quite popular among campers and outdoor buffs a few years ago. However, their popularity has been overtaken by battery and electric-powered rivals in the last couple of years.

Their main disadvantage is that they require manual strength to power them up.

If you want an easy way to fill up your inflatable mattresses, this type may not be for you.

Another drawback is the fact that they can be quite slow especially when time isn’t on your side.

Relying on foot pumps to fill up your airbed can also be quite tiring.

The Verdict

We have just revealed the best air mattress pump models money can buy. It is up to you to choose the most suitable unit depending on your preferences.

Our number one pick for indoor usage is the Intex66619E Quick-Fill. It has practically every feature you need to enjoy effortless inflation and deflation of your air mattress.

If you prefer a car-powered pump then the Coleman QuickPump should be a no-brainer.

Finally, you should consider getting the Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump if you want a manual operated foot pump.

Choose the right airbed pump and your life will never be the same.

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