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image showing a typical low air loss mattress

What is the definition of a Low air loss mattress? And why should you even consider buying one?

Well, it is a type of inflatable mattress recommended medically for patients who are bedridden or forced to spend a lot of time in bed.

The thought of being forced to sleep all day long due to ill health is something that scares all of us.

In fact, Most of us won’t wish that on our worst enemies but this is life and things happen.

If you are reading this review, we are sorry and can really feel your pain. We can imagine how hard it is that you or someone you love has to spend a lot of time in bed.

Hopefully you will only need this mattress for a short period of time and fully recovery will be achieved soon.

When you need one of these medical inflatable mattresses, getting the best one is an absolute must. Even if you don't have any underlying medical condition, these models are still ahead of the best regular inflatable mattresses.

Top 5 Low Air Loss Hospital Mattresses Available For Sale

We believe the best way to ensure you end up with the right model was to actually test these mattresses ourselves. After extensive tests and consultations with experts and everyday consumers, we have compiled the best 5 models available for sale.

Let’s dive right into them and see which ones are worth your time and hard earned dollars.

Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

image showing the Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive

The Alternating Pressure Mattress is our number one pick for the best low air loss hospital mattress. With the mounting bills that come with serious illnesses, you shouldn’t have to rob the bank to get comfortable bedding.

It is designed with 130 individual air bubbles to give your loved one supreme levels of comfort all day long. Even support throughout the whole body and flawless weight displacement is essentially to be expected.

This low air loss system is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl material built to withstand extensive usage. It has the ability to support patients weighing up to 300 pounds and comes equipped with a flexible binding hose.

The built-in alternating pressure engineering gives relief from Pressure ulcers, pressure spots, and joint pains. For patients who are not yet suffering from these conditions, this mattress prevents them from occurring in the first place.

Just like other models from Vive, this mattress is super comfortable and incorporates a variable pressure dial for custom air flow. Achieving a restful sleep will never be easier until your loved one gets this mattress.

The mattress pad is designed to last for a long time and comes with a 90-day warranty. Vive provides excellent customer support and gives an additional 12-month warranty for the pump included with this unit.


  • Designed with 130 different air bubbles for a super dry and cool skin
  • Extremely intuitive and easy to set up
  • Supports people weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Extremely affordable compared to rival products


  • Mattress may slide in some beds unless you find some form of security for it

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Drive Medical Med Aire Low Air Loss mattress Replacement System with Alternating Pressure, Dark Purple

the Drive Medical Aire Low Air Loss Mattress shown lying on a typical hospital bed

The Drive Medical Aire Mattress is the 2nd top pick by our team of experts. It is specifically designed for pressure ulcer prevention, treatment, and management. If you must spend extensive amounts of time in bed, this model can’t be beat.

Engineered with 20 air bladders, with 9 of them specifically featuring laser holes, everyone falls in love with it eventually.

The laser holes give patients ultimate comfort through perfect achievement of minimal air loss.

All affected areas of the body are flawlessly kept dry and cool, which are two pre-requisites for speedy recovery. Manufactured from PVC and nylon, the 8-inch air cells are designed to give optimum performance extensively.

To further enhance the comfort of patients, the mattress cover is constructed from a quilted nylon fabric specially coated with urethane. It is machine washable and permeates vapor well enough so patients can stay in bed peacefully all day long.

The mattress comes with a special vibration feature which allows patients to take peaceful rests. It integrates audible alarms which can alert a caregiver when a patient’s condition becomes worse.

The “Ultra Quiet” pump guarantees consistent airflow so a patient never ends up on the floor. It ships with the mattress at no extra charge so you don’t have to spend more to get one.


  • 9 out of 20 air bladders come with laser holes
  • Zippered mattress manufactured from urethane coated quilted nylon material
  • Continuous low air loss is guaranteed
  • Audible alarm system tracks patient’s progress and alerts caregivers if health condition ever goes south


  • Finding replacement bladders after extensive use can be difficult
  • No warranty

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Drive Medical 5" Med Aire Low Air Loss mattress Overlay System with APP

the Drive Medical 5 showcased here

The Drive Medical 5-inch Med Aire delivers unrivaled comfort to your family member recuperating from a medical condition. It is constructed on the premise that those with limited mobility deserve nothing but the highest levels of sleeping comfort.

Severely ill patients face enough challenges already so it is important that they at least get access to comfortable bedding.

We are glad to recommend this overlay system for accident victims, terminally ill people, and everyone else that needs luxurious sleeping. It is configured with 17 air cells, 9 of which are laser holes.

This enhances the quality of life of patients by keeping their bodies cool and comfortable. The low air loss functionality guaranteed by the laser holes also speeds up the recovery process for the ill.

Getting good head support can be critical for those with limited movement. The head section of this overlay system is packed with 3 air-cells which have been designed to be static. This gives patients the best head support all day long.

The 5-inch Med Aire comes with an innovatively designed pump which delivers consistent airflow to every part of your body. In fact, it produces 8 liters per minute of air which is enough to keep your body aerated and dry.

The LED indicators on the pump also come in handy for the comfort of patients. They draw your attention when the pressure level is low so you can re-inflate it to give patients that kind of comfort they have become used to.


  • Specially designed for the management and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Consistent airflow from innovatively designed pump with performance levels of 8 liters per minute
  • LED indicators on the pump alerts you to low/normal pressure levels
  • Enhanced pillow functionality with 3 static air cells at the head section


  • Some patients may find it excessively thick for their sleeping needs

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Roscoe Medical Genesis III 8" Alternating Pressure Pump and Low Air Loss Mattress

can you see the unique design of the Roscoe Medical Genesis III 8

The Roscoe Medical Genesis III is a popular pressure-relieving medical mattress widely recommended by health experts. If you want to prevent decubitus ulcers or already suffering from the condition, this mattress could be lifesaving.

The Genesis III has been specifically crafted by the manufacturer to give patients unrivaled comfort. It comes with 20 air bladders, 9 of which feature laser holes with the best air loss functionality available.

Head support is one of the most important functionalities required by patients to sleep well and stay comfortable. This is why this minimal air loss mattress comes with 3 pillow top heads. It prevents neck injuries and pains associated with spending extensive hours lying down.

The extremely quiet high-volume pump has been certified to produce 8 LPM airflow every ten minutes. This ensures that the skins of patients are not just kept dry but cool as well.

Unlike some models in this niche, Roscoe Medical is completely confident in the quality of this product. This is the reason why the Genesis III comes with a 1-year warranty on the mattress itself.

The 18-month warranty on the pump is even more generous.

Patients weighing up to 350 pounds are able to sleep on this medically recommended mattress. The pump alerts you via its LED indicators when the mattress’ capacity goes low.


  • Powerful low air loss functionality keeps the skin dry and cool
  • 20 air bladders, with 9 of them featuring laser holes
  • Pump comes with LED indicators to display normal/Low pressure levels
  • 3 pillow top heads to prevent neck injuries and associated pain


  • Firmness is a little bit over the top even at its lowest setting

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Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Semi Electric Bed Therapeutic Support Mattress

Alternating Pressure Mattress 8

The Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light Semi Electric Bed Therapeutic Support Mattress is perfect for both short term and long-term recuperation. With most hospital beds notorious for being excessively thin, this 8-inch overlay takes sleeping comfort to the next level.

Getting a low air mattress for your loved one through Medicaid or in a nursing home can be a nightmare. This is why most people invest in one of these mattresses out of pocket so their bedridden loved ones can get the kind of sleep deserved within the shortest period of time.

Lots of patients continue to derive enhanced comfort from this combination therapy system.

The low air loss system ensures optimum pressure distribution which works with the alternating pressure functionality to prevent/treat and manage various forms of pressure ulcers.

Caregivers are able to customize this system to meet the individual needs of patients via the digital pump and alarm. Thanks to 3 built-in static air cells, patients get awesome levels of comfort.

The 8 liters per minute digital pump performance level guarantees consistent airflow to every inch of this mattress.

With 20 air bladders and 8 laser holes, low air loss is achieved flawlessly in this model. The cells measure 8 inches each and are manufactured from lightweight and extremely soft nylon material for absolute comfort.

This low air loss overlay system transforms even the most uncomfortable hospital mattress to a paradise for patients. If your loved one needs to recuperate, you can’t go wrong with this unit.


  • Flawless low air loss and alternating pressure system for ultimate comfort
  • 8-inch cells provide cushion and comfort for the notoriously thin hospital beds
  • Guaranteed reliable airflow at 8 liters per minute
  • Digital pump with alarm system and LED indicators


  • Bed sheets don’t fit snugly with the padded wedges
  • Warranty is valid for only 30 days

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What is A Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Mattress?

It is an elite inflatable mattress designed with a surface covered by a large number of laser micro holes. To ensure optimum air flow on the body, these holes allow air in smaller quantities by default.

It gives sleepers high levels of comfort by enabling just the right amount of humidity and heat on the skin.

For those who spend a lot of time in bed due to medical reasons, these mattresses are an absolute must. Being forced to overstay in bed comes with associated problems such as body sores.

When you have just been involved in an accident or another serious medical condition that affects your mobility, the last thing you need is to compound your problems by sleeping on an ordinary mattress.

Getting the Best Low Air Loss Mattress

Medical experts and industry gurus insist on these types of mattresses for the bedridden. Does this mean you should head over to and purchase the first model you come across?

Or Are there some specific features you should be on the lookout for before you press the Buy Button?

In our experience, the most important feature to consider when seeking the best low air loss inflatable mattress is the layer of bedding. To fend off body sores and other medical conditions, getting a model with minimum layer of bedding is vital.

The best units available for sale are engineered with alternating pressure to ensure soothing relief for body pains. If you have a bad back, getting one of these mattresses could be lifesaving.

The Verdict

Having a loved one suffer from a serious medical condition or recuperating from an accident can be a difficult time. However, getting ultimate comfort for him or her can make a big difference in the quality of life experienced.

Whether in the hospital or recovering at home, a durable medical air mattress can really enhance the quality of life of a patient.

The Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress is our number one pick for the best Low air loss mattress. It comes with everything required to give your loved ones a restful sleep all day long.

The other 4 options are equally great and have been tried and tested over the years. Getting any of them will deliver ultimate levels of protection against pressure ulcers and body pains.

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