King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump Review (Twin, Queen, Cali King)

Reviews like this one provide valuable insight into how certain air bed brands perform and meet consumer expectations.

We present an unbiased view on things we know are important to you, the consumer, to help you make an informed purchase. Let’s unbox this air mattress and dig into everything you need to know!

Quick Decision

The King Koil air mattress is a high-end air bed and will cost more than other brands.

The built-in air pump on this mattress is very impressive in how quickly it airs up and deflates. A higher elevated (20”) air bed like this one is a benefit.

Options And Price Point

This King Koil air mattress offers three size options (twin, queen, California king).

This mattress falls within the super-premium price range. You are getting an air bed manufactured by a company that builds its success around designed products that are highly durable while performing above and beyond a buyer’s expectations!

Specifications And Warranty


  • Price Point
    • Super-premium
  • Material
    • PVC
  • Sizes
    • Twin
    • Queen
    • California King
  • Twin
    • Dimensions
      • 76” L x 38” W x 20” H
    • Weight Limit
      • 350 Pounds
  • Queen
    • Dimensions
      • 80” L x 60” W x 20” H
    • Weight Limit
      • 600 Pounds
  • California King
    • Dimensions
      • 84” L x 72” W x 20” H
    • Weight Limit
      • 600 Pounds
  • Elevation Options
    • Elevated 20”


King Koil backs its air mattresses with a 1-year warranty covering defects.

Inflation And Deflation

The robust built-in air pump on this air mattress fills the mattress up to capacity in just 90 seconds! Most other air mattresses with built-in air pumps can fill up to 5 minutes.

To inflate, plug the air pump into an electrical outlet and turn the switch on to inflate. Deflating the mattress is as easy as turning the button to “deflate,”

The built-in air pump reverses airflow by vacuuming out the air.


The King Koil air mattress comes with an extra-large storage bag. The twin-size mattress is much more portable because of its size and weight when deflated. However, the queen and California king sizes are heavier and bulkier.

Deflated weight:

  • Twin – 16.09 Pounds
  • Queen – 17 Pounds
  • California King – 30 Pounds

This mattress is portable enough to take with you in the car when visiting someone overnight.

Special Features

Full Flocking

This mattress is fully flocked to prevent slipping on the floor and the sheets from slipping off.

Most air mattresses only feature flocking on the top surface, but King Koil went the extra mile and flocked the entire exterior to ensure slippage will never be a concern.

Higher Elevation From Floor Level

The King Koil air mattress is raised 20” off the floor, providing easy access when getting in or out of bed.


When you purchase a King Koil air bed, you get a 1-year warranty against any defects. The warranty does not cover the Misuse of the mattress, including jumping on or using it when camping.

When taking this air mattress camping, you risk voiding your warranty because of sharp objects on the ground that can puncture it.

High Output Built-In Air Pump

The built-in air pump on this mattress vigorously inflates it in as little as 90 seconds (twin size.) For queen and California king size, it takes up to 2 minutes.

Other built-in air pumps featured in other brands take up to 5 minutes to fill.

Coil Beam Construction

The King Koil air bed is the only air mattress endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association on the market. The internal firm coil integration fully supports users.

Choice Of Colors

Most air mattress brands don’t give you options for choices of colors. However, King Koil does!

You have a choice of either black or cream color. This is a bonus for coordinating colors between your air mattress and bed linens.

Strong, Large Storage Bag

You won’t get a flimsy drawstring storage bag with a King Koil air mattress. The storage bag that comes with your mattress features carrying handles, and the heavier fabric is tough and durable.

Ideal Use Cases

The King Koil air bed offers versatility in use within the home, camping, or for travel.

Home Use


Your overnight guests will appreciate this air mattress and the comfort it provides. Adults will enjoy the raised height, making it feel like a traditional bed.

Inflating it is a breeze with the built-in air pump. Once you are done using it, deflating is just as easy. Pop it back in the storage bag, and it’s ready for your next overnighter!


Using this mattress long-term as your primary bed is certainly an option. All air mattresses tend to lose a little bit of air, so we recommend that you routinely add air to keep it filled at capacity.

Also, adding a good mattress topper will keep you warm. When using any air mattress long-term, indulging in good bed linens and other items is essential to create a cozy place to slumber at night.

Outdoor Use


Taking a high-end expensive air mattress camping may not be the ideal solution. The risk of it getting punctured (and voiding your warranty) is something you must keep in mind.

If you choose to take it, we recommend clearing the ground where your tent will be and removing all sharp objects. Tent floors are thin, so adding a tarp as an extra protection barrier is suggested.

You will need a manual pump if you don’t have access to an electric outlet in your camp.


If you are a hearty backpacker and are up to carrying an additional 16 pounds, the twin-size air mattress and a small manual pump might be an option.

However, packing on the extra weight of the queen or California king-size mattresses is not ideal or recommended.



When traveling by car to overnight destinations, carrying your air mattress is undoubtedly an option.

Those who host your visits may not have the extra bedroom or sofa bed to accommodate you, so an air mattress is handy.


Any air mattress is bulky and weighty to take when flying. Twin-size mattresses might be feasible, but the queen and California king aren’t.

Airlines have weight limitations; unfortunately, the heavier the mattress, the more it devours your allotted weight.

Things We Love

Robust Built-In Air Pump

This air pump quickly fills the mattress up and effortlessly deflates it.

Integrated Coil Beam Support

The added coil beam support and the fact that the International Chiropractors Association backs it is kudos for a good sleep system.

A Great Warranty

Most air mattresses have a 90-day warranty. However, you get a 1-year warranty with this mattress, which is a big plus.

Know Before Buying

Topping Off The Air During Long-Term Use

You must add a bit of air regularly to keep your air mattress at capacity. Air loss in any air mattress is a given when temperatures drop because air condenses.

The Final Verdict.

We give this air mattress a big thumbs up. The only fault we can find with it is that it does cost a bit more, but that’s because it is top-of-the-line.

You get our full recommendation on this product.