Top 5 Best Kid’s Air Mattresses for 2023

Finding the right air mattress for your little one can be challenging, and it is no secret that children & toddlers can find it very difficult to sleep when uncomfortable. So, how do you find the right model for your kid?

There are so many options when it comes to children’s air mattresses, which makes finding the right option a bit difficult.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

5 Top Children’s Air Mattress Reviews

Here are the top 5 best airbeds on the market right now, specially crafted to meet the needs of children.

1. Intex Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump Review

This airbed wins our award for the best camping/travel air mattress for kids. It has all of the best features: guard rails on all sides, an easy-tuck feature for sheets, an included hand pump, and lasting durability and comfort.


  • Included Hand Pump – This mattress can easily inflate and deflate with the hand pump.
  • Great For Camping And Traveling – The hand pump inflates the bed without electricity.
  • Perfect For Kids 2-8 Years Old – This airbed is 42W x 66L x 10H inches.
  • No-Fall Bumpers – The surrounding bumpers keep your child safely on the bed throughout the night.
  • Sheet Tuck – A separate sleeping surface makes tucking in sheets very easy.
  • Price – This item is priced very competitively.
  • Hand Pump – Some might prefer a battery-powered pump, but we think the hand pump works just fine since it’s a small bed.

Best Camping & Travel Air Mattress for Kids

The Intex Kids Travel Bed with Pump is the ultimate children’s airbed for sleepovers, vacations, and outdoor trips. It comes in a compact design for hassle-free travel, whether staying close to home or traveling far away.

This airbed features a plush surface material that keeps your kids comfortable throughout the night due to the double support structure, which adds an extra layer of durability to the mattress.

The inflatable bed can also be conveniently separated from the frame to save space. However, keeping the mattress and frame together allows you to fit sheets onto the mattress easily.

The frame prevents kids from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night by providing extra stability. This airbed also includes a storage bag and hand-powered pump for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

The size of this bed is 42 x 66 x 10 inches.


2. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Review

This inflatable airbed is very convenient for traveling, but it’s not designed for camping because the included pump needs electricity.


  • Comfortable – The materials used in this mattress keep this bed very cozy.
  • Electric Pump Included – This mattress comes with an electric pump which makes inflation and deflation easy.
  • No Squeaks – The flocked, felt top makes this bed squeak-free throughout the night.
  • Safe Material – This bed is manufactured from lead-safe, BPS-safe, and phthalate-free material.
  • 2-Year Warranty – This mattress comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Sheet Tuck – This mattress has a built-in feature that keeps bedsheets secure throughout the night.
  • Pump Requires Wall Power – This bed is listed as a camping bed, but if you use it for camping, you may want to purchase a separate battery-powered pump.
  • Temporary Plastic Odor – This air mattress may need to air out a bit before you first use it.
  • No Top & Bottom Bumpers – The side bumpers on this airbed work well, but the lack of top and bottom bumpers means this mattress is more suitable for older children.

Best Kid’s Air Mattress for Indoor Use

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable is our #2 pick for the best children’s inflatable mattress. This bed is comfortable, portable, and affordable, making it an overall great option.

This air mattress is specifically constructed for children 24 months and older, but since it has no bumpers, we recommend it for children 3-4 years and older. However, this mattress offers bonus safety features and lacks lead, BPS, and phthalate.

Furthermore, our team has been impressed by the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable’s signature sheet-tuck feature. This guarantees that standard-sized crib sheets will perfectly fit this mattress.

This airbed is designed with the manufacturer’s trademarked sheet rails, which prevent kids from rolling off the mattress while asleep (however, this mattress doesn’t have built-in rails).


3. The Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Travel Bed Review

A larger version of the other Shrunks bed we reviewed, this mattress is designed for 5-8-year-olds and up. In fact, many smaller adults have good luck with this bed. It has a good pump, an easy-tuck sheet feature, and a lifetime warranty.


  • Perfect For Older Kids And Young Adults – This air mattress offers comfortable sleeping space for 5-8-year-old kids and older.
  • Sheet Tuck – This bed’s award-winning sheet-tuck feature fits all standard twin-size bed sheets.
  • High-Quality Pump – This mattress has a high-powered Jetaire electric pump for quick inflation and deflation.
  • Bonus Repair Kit & Carrying Bag – This mattress has a repair kit and a convenient carrying bag.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Shrunks guarantees this product for life.
  • Small Carrying Bag – The carrying bag should be bigger. Many users struggle to fit the mattress in the bag.

Best Air Mattress for Bigger Kids

The Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Travel Bed is for children who have outgrown an indoor traveler airbed. It is specially designed to give your 5-8-year-old kids superior levels of comfort on the road.

Each side of this airbed features inflated rails to keep your child from rolling off the mattress in the middle of the night, giving you peace of mind.

This is one of the best children’s airbeds on the market regarding the quality of construction. The patented Tuckaire design also allows for easily tucked-in standard twin-size bed sheets.

The Shrunks Sleepover inflatable mattress has a compact yet high-powered Jetaire electric pump. This pump fully inflates the airbed in just 1 minute.

This airbed measures 78 x 43 x 9 inches when fully inflated and comes with a convenient carrying bag for travel and storage.


4. AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids Review

This is another great option (but many parents complain that the plastic top can be a bit noisy for toddlers who roll around a lot). Otherwise, this a very good bed, don’t rely on it for camping without also bringing a battery-powered or hand pump.


  • Durability – This air mattress is constructed from sturdy PVC material and features electronically welded seams that stand the test of time.
  • Perfect Size For Kids 4 Years And Older – The sleep surface measures 50 x 25 inches at full inflation.
  • No-Fall Bumper – A 4-inch bumper prevents children from falling off the mattress throughout the night.
  • Easy Storage – This air mattress comes with a duffel bag for packing your airbed during storage.
  • Included Pump – The included pump inflates the bed in less than 60 seconds.
  • Somewhat Noisy – Though not a major problem, some users report that this bed can be heard when their child rolls around. The noise is lessened if the mattress is covered in a bed sheet.
  • Bump Requires Wall Outlet – This mattress is not ideal for camping since the pump needs to be plugged in.

The AeroBed Mattress is our #1 pick regarding comfort. We tested this model with two children, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, and their responses were positive overall.

The first thing noticeable about the mattress is the impressive quality of the build. It is manufactured from strong PVC material and electronically welded seams.

This mattress also has a very comfortable cover made from soft fleece material in a moon-and-stars patterned design. This bed is also easy to set up and inflates within seconds.

The sleeping surface measures 50 x 25 inches (62 x 34 inches when inflated), which is spacious for children transitioning into bigger beds.

This unit is also aptly designed with a 4-inch high surround cushion to keep kids from rolling off the mattress while asleep.


5. LazyNap LZ-01K Kids Air Bed with Flock Top for Camping Review

This air mattress is great for camping (though the guard rails are very small and won’t help children who roll around in their sleep).


  • Durable For Camping – This mattress is manufactured from heavy-duty PVC material to make it robust and comfortable while maintaining firmness.
  • Good For Older Kids – This mattress inflates to 60 x 36 x 8 inches when fully inflated.
  • Protects Against Air Leakage – The one-way air-intake valve design prevents air leakage.
  • Price – This bed is pricier than some of its competitors.
  • No Guard Rails – This air mattress may not be ideal for younger children who tend to roll out of bed in their sleep.
  • May Not Be Available – This product regularly goes in and out of stock.

The LazyNap LZ-01K air mattress offers a luxurious sleeping experience for your child in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

This mattress features an innovatively designed air-intake valve which guarantees inflation to desired firmness levels in under 3 minutes. Unlike most other airbeds, this mattress boasts a one-way air valve that eliminates air loss once inflated.

The mattress is manufactured from quality PVC material in a fashionable baby blue color. This mattress also comes with a soft, comfortable cover material in a white color.

The external handheld AC electric pump allows you to deflate or inflate your airbed whenever you want. The pump is easy to use and gets the job done quickly without any problems.


Best Child Air Mattress Shopping Guide

Air mattresses can be a great way for your child to enjoy traveling with you, making their experience comfortable and convenient.

Here are some important things to consider when searching for the best airbed for for your little one.


Your child’s age is the primary factor to consider during the hunt for the perfect air mattress.

Though kids grow over time, purchasing an air mattress that is too big for them may not be the most comfortable option.

On the other hand, purchasing a mattress that is too small for your child will not promote their overall comfort either. This is why it is important to find the perfect air mattress which can comfortably sleep your child both now and in years to come.

Luckily, many models come labeled with recommended kids’ ages to serve as a guide during shopping.

Quality of Build

The quality of construction can’t be ignored when looking for a suitable inflatable mattress for your child. Models made from inferior materials can easily present problems, ranging from leakages to punctures.

Purchasing an air mattress built from heavy-duty materials is the way to go. PVC and vinyl are two popular, sturdy materials to look for when shopping for your child’s airbed.

Choosing an inflatable mattress that features a soft cover and is also designed to snugly fit bedsheets can provide your child with extra comfort.


Ensuring that the airbed you intend to purchase doesn’t contain lead, BPS, or any other potentially harmful material should be a top priority when searching for an airbed for your child.

Many air mattresses designed for children also come with security features that can keep your child from rolling off the bed in their sleep.

Outdoor/Indoor Use

What is your intended primary setting for your child’s airbed? Is it for sleepovers at the grandparents’ house? Or are you looking for a sleeping solution during your travels or camping?

It is important to remember that some airbeds are designed for indoor use only. Taking these mattresses outdoors frequently could lead to the development of punctures and overall damage, so selecting a model specifically catered to your child’s needs is essential.


An included air pump is a desirable feature to look for as you search for your child’s new airbed, especially if you do not already own a pump.

Children’s inflatable mattresses are quite delicate, so we believe it is best to purchase a mattress with its own pump.

However, if you later decide to purchase a separate air pump, purchase one that will fit your airbed’s valve and can inflate and deflate your mattress quickly.


Children’s airbeds come in all sizes and prices, from as low as under $20 to $100 and sometimes more.

But remember: you get what you pay for. Be ready to spend a little more if you want a unit that will be long-lasting, durable, and comfortable.

The Verdict

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 picks for children’s air mattresses, finding a quality airbed your child will love should be a breeze.

The AeroBed Mattress For Kids is our top choice due to its impressive durability, no-fall bumper, and included pump.

Each model we’ve reviewed has a long list of great features to help you purchase an airbed that ensures your child can sleep comfortably.