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couple lying comfortably on a quality air mattress with frame

Sleeping on the floor is no fun. Many of us believe that comfort should always be a priority whether you are going camping or have guests coming to spend the night. As such, an air mattress with frame comes in handy whether you are sleeping indoors or outdoors.

Most of us are used to the support gained from our traditional beds with their high frames. While air mattresses offer cheaper solutions, getting one with a frame can make the experience even more luxurious.

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5 Best Air Mattress with Frame Models Worth Buying Right Now

Finding the best framed inflatable mattress is never an easy task. Even if you have purchased your fair share of these mattresses in the past, you could easily go wrong.

Fortunately, we have taken the time to conduct extensive tests and reviews on several of the best ones available.

You can now choose the right model for your needs with ease and confidence.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot is shown here
The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot is our top recommended sleeping solution when you are tent camping. This model is highly advised especially when you are the mercy of insects and other creatures.

These creatures can crawl into your bed and bite various parts of your body.

What makes this model so special out of the hundreds of others available? Well, there are so many special reasons but let's just take a look at a few.

This Queen air mattress from Coleman comes with exceptional elevated support that keeps you and your partner comfortable. If you need double sleeping surface for any reason, the mattress and cot can be separated without any hassles.

The quality of the air mattress is enhanced by the manufacturer’s ComfortCoil technology which packs internal coils to keep your body cool and comfortable.

To prevent air from escaping from your mattress when the pump is removed, it features double valve locks.

The frame is durable and gives you an impressive base while you sleep. It is manufactured from premium quality steel with the capacity to support up to 600 pounds of weight.

Most of us are used to keeping personal items such as reading glasses and Smartphones on our bedsides. This framed inflatable mattress comes with two side tables with cup holders to keep drinks and personal effects in close proximity.

It ships with 4V battery operated pump to inflate and deflate your airbed in no time.


  • Super comfortable airbed manufactured with ComfortStrong Coil technology
  • Durable steel frame which supports up to 600 pounds of weight
  • Two side tables with cup holders for keeping reading, glasses, and drinks close by
  • 4V battery battery pump gets bed fully inflated in minutes
  • Impressive elevated support for you and your partner


  • Mattress needs to be topped with air during the first few days of use
  • Coleman’s customer service isn’t the best out there

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Insta-Bed Ez Bed Air Mattress - Queen

Insta-Bed Ez depicted here is another great air mattress with frame
The Insta-Bed Ez Bed is a highly flexible blow up bed that can give your guests the comfort they deserve. It is highly sought after by consumers who want a sound sleeping experience for themselves or loved ones.

This inflatable mattress can be easily folded and stored in a duffle bag to keep your guest room clear when you don’t need it. It features 48 circular coils spread throughout its body to give you a cozy night’s sleep.

The top features high-end flocked material which prevents sheets from slipping so you don’t wake up cold.

This queen sized unit is an exception to the overnight sagging problem common in many rival products. Equipped with NeverFlat technology, this airbed is integrated with two separate pumps.

The primary pump is extremely high-powered and gets your bed fully inflated in less than 5 minutes. The secondary pump on the other hand keeps tabs on the firmness of your bed and automatically tops up air when necessary.

Firmness is guaranteed for you to sleep like a king (or queen).

The primary pump gets to work once you choose your preferred comfort level of sleeping. The automatic shut-off functionality automatically kicks in when your bed is fully inflated to prevent over-inflation.


  • Steel frame to give you and your guests the necessary elevation while you sleep
  • 48 circular coils guarantee complete comfort during sleep
  • NeverFlat feature prevents sagging and air loss
  • Custom comfort levels to ensure everyone has full control over desired mattress firmness
  • Automatically shuts off when fully inflated
  • Deflate button quickly deflates the air mattress


  • Comes with a strong vinyl smell which takes time to go
  • May spring a leak when used for a long time

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Serta EZ Bed - Queen

Serta EZ Bed in full view
The Serta EZ Bed is a queen-sized model that delivers exceptional performance over and over again. It is great for those who love taking catnaps in another area of their homes aside their bedrooms.

If you are going camping or have company coming over, this could be one of your best purchases in a very long time.

One of most impressive features of this model is the super-soft flocked top. This is very gentle on the skin and helps you take a long deep sleep even if you usually roll around in bed.

You can be sure that your mattress won’t deflate overnight thanks to the manufacturer’s integrated neverFLAT pump system. It comes in the form of two built-in pumps i.e. Primary and Secondary.

The Primary Pump gets your bed fully inflated from scratch in approximately 4 minutes. The Secondary Pump is conversely tasked with monitoring and topping off air silently whenever the need arises.

The frame is made from heavy duty steel and comes in a self-deploying design so anyone can set it up.

A compact duffel bag with wheels which makes it easy to travel is included. Need to pack up this bed and frame for storage? The duffel bag makes it easy too.


  • Self-deploying frame design makes it easy to setup
  • Mattress comes with a primary and secondary pump for inflating/deflating as well as maintaining firmness
  • Super-soft flocked top is gentle on the skin and prevents sweating
  • Compact duffel bag for travel and easy storage


  • Quite heavier than most air mattresses of similar size
  • Carrying it up and down stairs without the wheels can be a hassle for one person

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Coleman Twin Airbed Cot with Side Table and 4D Battery Pump

can you spot the unique features of the Coleman Twin Airbed Cot with Side Table and 4D Battery Pump shown here?
The Coleman Twin Airbed Cot is the best twin/single-sized option available for sale right now. Purchased by thousands of consumers every month, this model is here to stay for the long-term.

It comes in the form of an airbed and cot for anyone who hates to sleep on the floor. Unless you have a specific reason, putting a mattress directly on the floor is not recommended in outdoor areas.

The cot and mattress come separately so you can take advantage of that to get double sleeping surface if you ever need to. The frame is made from durable steel material and can be easily folded or unfolded.

This feature can be time-saving when you need to set up your bed or pack into storage.

The bed frame is designed to support up to 300 pounds of weight which is strong enough for most people.

In addition, a 4-D battery pump is included at no extra cost to get your bed inflated and deflated swiftly. It is powered by batteries so blowing up your bed won’t be a problem whether you are at home or outdoors.

The two side tables with cup holders allow you to keep drinks and other gear close for easy reach.

It features Airtight technology which prevents most forms of leakages common in inflatable mattresses.


  • Durable steel frame supports up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Airtight technology prevents most forms of leakages
  • 4D battery pump gets your bed fully inflated in a manner of minutes
  • Two side tables with cup holders for easy reach


  • Heavy and somewhat cumbersome to set up

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Ivation EZ-BED Inflatable Mattress

pic of the Ivation EZ-BED Inflatable Mattress
The LCM Direct Low Profile Frame is perfect for anyone who already owns a queen sized airbed and wants to elevate it from the ground. It can also be purchased separately as a complementary product if you have come across a particular air mattress you love.

The frame is manufactured from strong industrial-grade steel to give exceptional support for up to 600 pounds of weight. Two adults and kids of normal weight should be able to sleep on this frame with comfort.

When you need to go camping or travel, portability becomes extremely important. This steel frame folds to a compact size with mind-blowing ease. It is one of the reasons why we believe this frame is a must-have.

The bed frame gives you complete freedom to sleep well whether you are going camping or have guests coming in.

It comes with a specially designed mattress enclosure to keep your airbeds firmly in position as you sleep. The nylon webbing feature of the frame also enhances the ability of your air mattress to stay securely in position.

Whether you own an 8-inch or 9-inch mattress, you can be sure that this frame will fit it comfortably.


  • Frame is made from heavy-duty steel material
  • Fits 8-inch and 9-inch inflatable mattresses
  • Special mattress enclosure and nylon webbing keeps your mattress firmly in position
  • Supports up to 600 pounds of weight


  • Air mattress has to be purchased separately
  • Frame size isn’t full queen so you may struggle to fit a standard queen mattress

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Advantages of Framed Air Mattresses

Congratulations on your interest in purchasing an inflatable mattress . These units come with several benefits including:


There is a reason why we all sleep on beds. Lying on a mattress placed directly on the floor comes with lots of drawbacks.

Firstly, it can be quite difficult to get in and out of bed especially if you are heavy.

Most of us are used to sleeping on a mattress elevated from the floor. Placing an airbed on the right frame gives you and your guests that same level of elevation they are used to.

This supercharges the sleeping experience so you can get the same feeling as traditional elevated beds.

Great for Camping

Taking a regular airbed without any sort of frame for camping can be a terrible idea. The truth is most campsites are filled with ants, snakes, and poisonous creatures.

While you are deeply asleep, any of these creatures could easily crawl into your bed and cause serious harm.

Bed frame air mattresses offer protection from these creatures by elevating you from the floor. As long as your tent is well setup, you can be sure of greater safety from these creatures.

You wouldn’t want to wake up with blisters and insect bites all over your body, would you?

Sturdy Support for Heavier Consumers

The best queen blowup mattresses available for sale are designed to support up to 600 pounds of weight. In the same vein, twin sized models typically give you 300 pounds of weight support.

While these figures are great, there are lots of consumers who are heavier than these weight limits.

Should that prevent them from enjoying nature and the wonderful benefits that airbeds have to offer?

This is where elevated inflatable beds come in really handy. They give stellar support to accommodate those with heavier weight.

If you are worried about getting enough support, going in for one of these air mattresses can make your life much easier.

The Verdict

These are the best air mattress with frame models available for consumers at the moment. They come in different price points so you can find the perfect unit for your budget.

The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot and Coleman Twin Airbed Cot come out tops for those who want the best bang for their buck.

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Eric Gleason November 25, 2016

I have a doubt to be cleared before I invest on a good Mattress. I am 19 years old and spend most of my time sitting in front of my laptop, which obviously gave me a back pain. My friends are suggesting me to use Air mattress and that would solve my problem. But I want to know, if this is real or just a myth ? Because My uncle use air mattress but still he often complains about having a back pain :/ . Will be waiting for your opinion on it.

    Chuck Bates February 28, 2017

    Hi Eric, An air Mattress by itself won’t reduce your back pain. I often spend loads of hours in front of my computer too so i can relate to your situation. However, it’s important to strike a balance.
    Taking a 5-minute break to walk around and stretch every 1 hour or so will be a good start.

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