How Do You Protect Your Air Mattress From Cats?

Air mattresses and cats are incompatible; that is the universal truth. While many adult cats are somewhat less naughty, kittens can be a huge nightmare if you own one of those.

Since their inception on the market, consumers from all walks of life have fallen in love with airbeds. From providing a sleeping solution for guests when you don’t have a spare bedroom to inducing pleasant dreams while camping, their benefits seem limitless.

However, airbeds are not the strongest regarding texture and toughness. Most of them are manufactured with cheap components to ensure affordability for everyone. Without the necessary precautions, an air mattress can easily develop punctures.

Cats, on the other hand, are lovely pets that most of us can’t live without. You could have a terrible day at work, only to get home and start smiling when you see your favorite cat.

The ideal scenario is to have an airbed in an environment with no cats. However, this may not be possible in millions of homes in America and Canada.

This is why you must find a solution for your cat and mattress to coexist peacefully.

How Do Cats Damage Air Mattresses?

There are so many ways cats can cause damage to your inflatable mattress. Let us take a look at a few of them.

Puncturing With Their Sharp Nails

Cats can be extremely inquisitive pets, which is probably one reason why most of us love them so much. It is common to find them sleeping with their owners on the same bed.

Therefore, if your cat has developed the habit of joining in while sleeping on your regular bed, then you can expect them to lie on your airbed too. The big problem is that cat paws are some of the sharpest on the planet.

Jumping up and down your bed can lead to multiple punctures in no time. This could lead to significant air loss overnight, even if your mattress is fully inflated before sleeping.

Who wants to go to bed on an extremely firm bed only to wake up on the floor in the middle of the night?

Scratching the Sides of Your Mattress

There have been multiple cases of airbed owners becoming restless due to consistent scratching by their cats.

These scratching attacks usually occur in the middle of the night without any provocation. Some cats seem jealous whenever they see their owners sleeping soundly and refuse to look on quietly.

These creatures love attention, and the spoiled ones tend to make the most fuss when they see you enjoying restful sleep.

Whatever the reason, even the best air mattress won’t hold up long if your cat keeps scratching the sides.

If you have been experiencing this problem, you must find a solution now rather than later.

Peeing and Pooping on Your Mattress

Cat pee is, without a doubt, one of the most pungent smells you will ever encounter. Even with the best potty training in the world, your cat could still pee on your mattress regularly.

There have been cases of some kittens pooping on inflatable mattresses just because they can.

Sadly, it could take a considerable amount of time before you even realize the source of that unbearable stench.

Remember, there is no way you can sleep with the smell of your cat’s pee or poop. If you need help cleaning an air mattress, check out our guide.

Protecting Air Mattress from Your Cat

There are several solutions for keeping your mattress in optimum shape, even if you have a cat at home. Here are a few of those.

Keep Your Mattress Out of Reach

Detaching yourself from your kitten or adult cat can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you have a very close relationship. However, it is universally true that keeping something hidden offers considerable protection.

Sure, you may be used to sleeping with your cat in the same bed for a considerable period. However, it is time to decide whether sleeping without your buddy for a few nights is worth it compared to splashing on a new mattress every few weeks.

If you’d rather sleep alone to protect your air mattress, place it in a locked room. Just open it whenever you are ready to sleep and keep it shut throughout the night.

Without other openings, such as a window, your inflatable mattress will become inaccessible to your cat. This results in optimum protection for it.

Trim Your Cat’s Nails

A cat’s nails inevitably increase in length and sharpness if left to grow unattended. Any contact between the nails and an inflatable mattress can lead to severe punctures, even if accidental.

If you want to keep your airbed in shape, you must trim the cat’s nails every few days. This will ensure it never grows long enough to cause punctures.

Mattress Topper

Getting a quality, thick air mattress topper can be a great way to protect your air mattress from your cat. You should consider wrapping the whole mattress with a thick blanket to offer even greater protection.

This enhances your comfort while offering a thick layer that can withstand the sharp nails of your cat to a greater extent.

Put the Bed in Storage When Not in Use

Having a fully inflated bed setup when you don’t plan to use it anytime soon can be a terrible idea as a cat owner.

Instead, it is advisable that you deflate, fold, and keep it firmly tucked away until the next time the need for it arises.

This can ensure minimal cat exposure and protect them from its sharp claws.

Choose a Quality Air Mattress

Choosing a quality air mattress becomes even more imperative when you have a cat at home.

Generally, air beds on frames and raised air mattresses tend to be the highest quality and most durable beds on the market for the sole reason that people will generally spend the extra money for a product they can use every day (if needed)

While you can take lots of precautions, there will be a few times when your bed gets exposed to your cat.

You’d want an airbed that doesn’t get easily punctured to hold up well in adversity. Check out our guide to patch your air mattress if your mattress gets punctured.

Clean Cat Poop Immediately and Dry It Out

When your cat pees or poops on your airbed, the logical step is inflating it to full firmness and cleaning it with water, liquid soap, and bleach.

Make sure you clean it thoroughly until the pungent smell completely vanishes. Air out your air mattress in the sunlight after an extremely thoroughly clean, and it should go back to normal.

The Verdict

We have listed the most time-tested techniques to protect your air mattress from one or multiple cats at home. Hopefully, you will apply them to keep your mattress in shape for a long time.

After all, you deserve great value for your money.